Monday, May 7, 2012

Winning Announcements

Winners are pilin' up around here!!

I get these grandiose ideas of how I'm going to announce winners... but then time just keeps slippin' away!!  Better to pass out the goods than make a huge hoopla about it!!  (Maybe?!)

I'm very excited to announce the following winners:

Of Poseidon

Latoya Cricket is the winner of the Fairytale Giveaway Hop and Of Poseidon!!

As in Cricket of Little Library Muse!!

Little Library Muse

And I have two Of Poseidon swag winners:


But wait!!  There's more!!!

The White Lilac

I have three winners for Kindle copies of The White Lilac, thx to author Christina J Adams!!

            1 - Alicia
            2 - Kiki
            3 - Bookworm Sarah

I have two winners for print copies of The Kingdom on the Edge of Reality, thx to Tribute Tours, Gahan Hanmer & Colorimetry!!

            1 - Abigail of The Story Factory Reading Zone
            2 - Alison

...if anyone's paying attention, I still haven't announced the Showers of Books winners, yet. I rec'd sooooo many great words for RAIN, that I simply must share!!!  So, time-consuming awesome post pending!!!!