Sunday, July 1, 2012

First Monday in July - Welcome!

June is crazy for me, so I welcome July with open arms!!  It's the first Monday, and I say "Hi, July!!" *waves*

What did I read in June?


I read Half-Blood & Scarlet. I want to cry over all the reading that might have happened that didn't, but that is how June goes for me every year. I get buried in birthday parties and end-of-school events.  This year we added Armchair BEA & a Road Trip.... plus moving my husband's shop & planning how to re-arrange the house.


That's what I'm working on, now, moving & cleaning. This past weekend, I moved ALL OF MY BOOKS, well... almost all my books. I'm really happy about this bookshelf line-up under a big picture window... and I claimed a tall shelf almost exclusively for my current fav's and Burgandy Ice fun.

Oooh.... wanna see a picture?  Trinity posed for me. Lol.

It's Monday, What Are You Reading?  is hosted by Sheila @ Book Journey.

I've been reading The Iron Daughter this week. I finally got a little book light so I can read at weird hours in weird light. It doesn't work as well as my Nook, of course, but that's a high standard to compare a lowly book light to, even if the clip says "Montana" on it.

You know what's totally WEIRD, though?  Have you read any of the Iron Fey books?  *ahem*

This book light has the bright LED light and this bendy wire so I can adjust it.... and it gives me the serious CREEPS being attached to this book.  I look at my book light and I see this:
"I caught glimpses of things moving along the walls, flashes of blue light, like erratic fireflies. A moment later, I realized they were gremlins - hundreds, if not thousands of them - scuttling over the factory like ants. The blue lights were the glow of their fangs, hissing, shrieking and baring teeth at each other. A chill ran through me, and I shivered." Pg. 314 The Iron Daughter
*shiver* I've never named any of my doodads before, but it's time to come up with a creepy iron fey gremlin name for my book light!!  :-D

Memorable Monday is hosted by Escape in a Book.

So, I know what you're thinking... how could a "Reader" not even finish three books in an entire month?!
I'll ask a question back... where did June go?  Tell me that!!!  What a weasley month to go scrambling out of my reading reach by cramming itself full of life. I am innocent, I tell ya!!

And, I did critique a smidge and write a chapter or two. (Barely)


There's no excuse.  I maintained my Reader Status by carrying lots of books everywhere and being absent-minded so people had to ask me questions twice before I heard them.

I'm just happy that it's July and the month is loaded with reading possibilities.  I've already started Degrees of Wrong on my Nook so I can leave the gremlin-thingy alone for awhile, although I have The Iron Queen sittin' here watching me with glowing blue eyes.

Hey... what should I name my light?  
You got a good creepy-crawly name idea?