Friday, August 31, 2012

Fairytale Friday - Thumbelina

I woke up this morning thinking... It's Friday!!  I get to collect some Fairytale pictures!!  I'm following Amber @ Down the Rabbit Hole - so hop over there to see a whole 'nother set of pix!!

Thumbelina is one of my favorite fairytales. (Ok, I have lots of favorites.) But I am not finding pictures remotely close to my imagination. I read Handerson's version, um, somewhere closer to my beginning than I am now and my head is full of beautiful pictures.

I'll tell you the story, following Wikipedia's (rather boring) plot breakdown. Which do you like best for sweet Thumbelina?

1. Thumbelina grows from a barleycorn.


2. She is discovered by toads who want her to marry their son


3. She is rescued by butterfly and fish


4. Only to be captured by a beetle (or something)


5. The bug's friends don't like her.

Thumbelina by =Phatpuppyart

6. A mouse takes her in for winter, but wants her to marry a mole. Ugh.

Thumbelina    Nick Harris

7. She rescues a swallow, nursing it to health thru the winter

Thumbelina    Nick Harris

8. The swallow then rescues Thumbelina from marriage to the mole


9. He carries her away

steampunk thumbelina

10. Where she meets a prince

Sara Butcher's 'Thumbelina'

Thumbelina and her Fairy Prince

11. And is given wings


Enter Thumbelina's world:

12. By the Pond
Fairy Tale World

13. Right out of the story

14. Miniature Glory

lost in a forest

15. Hidden community

The Mouse Caves    (SciFi and Fantasy Art The Cave by Jeremiah Morelli)

16. New Hope

fairy world. beauty creation.

17. Hm... the possibilities!

Fairy home in a fairy forest.

Maybe I got carried away this week. But as you can see, there are places to go with this story that are just waiting to be explored!!!  These pictures are all off Pinterest. I'd be happy to follow you!!

Which picture is your favorite?