Friday, August 3, 2012

Fairytale in Photos - Tangled

Amber @ Down the Rabbit Hole posts Fairy Tale Photos and I like 'em. Today her theme is Tangled, which is Disney's version of Rapunzel.... which raises the question of To Disney or not to Disney?

Weeeeellll, on one hand, Disney (or any awesome cartoonist) whips up a super-cute version of beloved fairytales, right?  "Cute" as is Happily Ever After.  Hopefully, they create interest in old fairytales.

The flip side is... it's hard to get past this cute version!!  After seeing their beautiful rendition of long, silky hair, will any other hair fill the imagination when reading about Rapunzel?!  Too unforgettable! And so darn CUTE.

My goodness... it makes fairytale lovers like me feel like I should be skipping through a cartoon setting with rainbow colored flowers in my hair. 


That's not me.

If we must talk about Tangled today (excuse my complaining) let's discuss pro's & con's. (Click on the pix to see where I found 'em.)


1. The Pan - genius edition, I think. Frying pans ROCK!

2. The Character - Innocent + Fiesty = Nice.

3. The Guy - Fun Flaws soften the mega Super-Guy image.

4. The Chemistry - Ooh, a fight!!

5. The Acceptance Message - We do all have something in common. Yep.

6. The Lights - just *sigh*

7. The Setting - that's a sweet tower in a sweet hidden valley.

8. The Horse - he's a cross between a soldier and a dog. You have to laugh.

What bugs the snot out of me...

1. The Horse - I'm sorry, wha?

2. The Perfect Hair - It never, ever gets dirty, snagged, broken or even separates into strands let alone "tangled". There's a million girls wanting her hair. Can we say "unmet expectations" anyone?

3. "I love you most".  So... the bad guy gets the best line in the movie?!  Do you realize how many times I've wanted to say "I love you more" and stopped because of this blatant lie?!?!  Grrr...

Mother Gothel hugging Rapunzel

Do you agree with me?  Do you think creators like Disney make you more interested in the historical roots of the fairytale?  Or are they too cute to be cool?