Thursday, August 9, 2012

Fun Opportunity!

Anne Elisabeth Stengl contacted me about reviewing her up-coming release, Starflower. I found her website and shared her books on Waiting on Wednesday awhile ago. I still haven't read any of her beautiful books, but I'm excited to begin with Starflower, which pre-dates the other three.

You can see them all at her site or on Goodreads.

Anne Elisabeth asked if I knew any other blogger that would like to review her book, too. So she can pass their name on to her publisher so they can receive a copy in the mail. She gave me permission to throw the question out there, so...

If you're interested in promoting Starflower - OR - if you're interested in any other author contacts that come my way, please fill out the form below so I know!  & I will contact you!!

Including Goodreads reviewers!!!  If you're interested in reviewing and don't have a blog, we can talk, K?