Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Pull up a Chair


Just pretend with me for a sec that you're droppin' by my kitchen for a visit. We all have great imaginations around here, right?  So, pull up a chair and get comfy!!  I've got raspberry ice teas for everyone this morning. It's my new fav addiction. Have you tried this Crystal Light flavor? It actually doesn't taste artificial or too anything weird except refreshing. (No, they're not paying me to say that. Sheesh.)

strawberry iced teaIf you'd rather have the sun tea lightly sweetened with raw sugar, I have that, too.  (Yum!)

I hope you all brought your books, yes?

I started Vampire Academy this week, which I can hardly put down. And I have some questions to ask about that. *ahem*  I've read - although not yet reviewed  - Half Blood, if that gives you a hint.

From Vampire Academy I give you a quote of a quote from page 198 of my library paperback:
Today I healed the mother of Sava who has long since suffered from sharp pains within her stomach. Her malady is now gone, but God has not allowed me to do such a thing lightly. I am weak and dizzy, and the madness is trying to leak into my head. I thank God every day for shadow-kissed Anna, for without her, I would surely not be able to endure.
Smmer life is so crazy-busy I don't seem to get an entire 30 mins in a row to read. I keep starting different books. Like, I read Glass Houses one day... all day... quite all of a sudden. And Wow!! Exciting!!  Have you read any of the Morganville Vampire books?  I was totally caught off guard. Claire is not a vampire.  I hope I'm not spoiling the book to say that, but who had the creativity to allow vampires to be spooky and throw a cute lil' bundle of brains -n- energy right into the middle of 'em and say "Survive!"  Genius!  Rachel Caine, right?

From page 166 in my library paperback of Glass Houses:
"Professor?" Clair lunged forward and hovered over him.
"Heart," he panted, and then made a choking sound. "Listen. My house. Bookshelf. Black cover. Go."
"Professor, relax, it's okay -"
"No. can't let them have it. Bookshelf. Black-"
Then he just died.
I started these two vampire books 'cause Seeds of War... well, I'm taking it slowly.

From page 112 of my Nook copy of Seeds of War:
"He considered his plan as they made their way. When he'd thought of her as a woman looking to run off a cliff it had triggered an idea, a way to help her maybe. The more he thought about it, the more he realized that it had to be the answer. They would have to brave it, despite it being winter Topside. Fi needed it. Heck, he thought tiredly, he needed it, too. He shuffled wearily, looking forward to collapsing with her into bed.
 Which is how I found myself at Sports Camp with only my Nook and peaked inside Palace of Stone.  Hehehehehe  I love it!!  I was instantly transported to Mt Eskel and little Miri's life. Peder has still not proposed to her, yet, and she's not sure why. I instantly loved the linder stone again, which I see as white granite with streaks of gold running thru it. I can't wait to see what Miri's going to do in the capitol. I'm thrilled there is enough linder there for mind speaking, too... or I hope there is. I had forgotten the beautiful, mountain-wild rhythm of the Princess Academy and I'm thrilled to my bones to feel it singing thru me again. *sigh*

From the first page in my ARC of Palace of Stone:
The rock-lined road is the way to work
The rock-lined road takes the work away
The rock-lined road is the way to take
If you take that road away you'll always take that way back home
Take you there and take you home, there's nothing but the rocky road.
Back to this Half-Blood/VA thing. You tell me... which book am I referring to?!
She is captured by a tall, hot guy and dragged back to the school. The hot guy ("god") agrees to train her to catch her up the time she missed. Reluctantly. In the presence of strict authority. Who give her the "or else" ultimatum. The residents of the school are from two different races. One has elemental magic abilities. The race with nobles requires vigorous protection... or they are in danger of being turned into a vicious enemy. The enemy is immortal, super-strong & super-fast.
I have been assured that the more I read, the more different the series are. And as far as I'm concerned... they better be!!  I like 'em both, but this de-ja-vou thing is eerie!!  [Believe me... I have vented about this otherwise you'd be seeing a much growlier side of me.]

Ok, enough of me blathering... what are you reading?  Share a quote from wherever you are in your book and your current thoughts on it. If you're reading this, it's your turn.  :-D