Saturday, August 11, 2012

Snapshot - Abundant Life Cruise-In

Saturday Snapshot is hosted by Alyce @ At Home with Books. The requirement of posting pictures I actually take myself without the requirement of becoming a photographer first means... "near torture." The good news is, it's just pix, so you can skim quickly. Lol.

I honestly tried to take a lot of pictures of the Abundant Life Cruise In that we volunteer for. I did try. I did not succeed.

So first... from my own camera, I give you, the awesome possum Raffle that I worked my tail off getting prizes for:

Let's just gaze at that in awe for a few minutes... Aw..............

All those papers on the board are gift certificates.  Before anyone starts saying anything embarrassing like "all by yourself" lemme clarify that I am one of three people gathering stuff - or four, really - and I don't get the most stuff. I try to get flashy stuff (like the flowers) so everyone thinks I'm getting "so much" stuff. (Work smarter, not harder, right?)

I bought about $30 worth of tickets and passed 'em out among the kids. Dash got the winning hand - out of his set of 10 tickets (from me and probably 5 more begged off dad) he won, like, 8 things. Some people have all the luck!!  The other kids and I didn't win anything.  So, naturally, I confiscated a few things from Dash. "For the family." *cough*

Here he is winning that green t-shirt hanging up on the board:

He's the kid in the black car show t-shirt. Not that you can see it very well, but that was our show shirt that we all got to wear. There was a contest among the artistic ladies as to who could cut up their shirt the coolest. One lady had red ribbons tied and the shoulders and another woven through the bottom. My favorite sliced up the sides and tied them in knots, so the t-shirt was kinda fitted and textured. I cut off my sleeves neckline, but "fashionable" I was not.

Car show?  

I forgot that part. Obviously, I was rather "into" the raffle. *ahem*

There were some nice cars, too... I walked around a little, even though it was 100 degrees and all us Oregonians were withering in our black t-shirts.

See that big tent in the background?  (Hint: Past the General Lee and previous show winners.) That's the food tent with lots of deliciousness. The food guy (he has a name, I think) believes we set up the car show to compliment his food court.

Now I'm going to steal some pix from my honey, who focuses on the cars. (Weird!)

Well... and the goofy guy selling sno-cones. (He's a friend. I can call him names.)

We held the award ceremony inside the auditorium, which was a huge relief from the heat. It was fun sitting next to the Judge Coordinator as he monitored the crowd's response to his judge's choices for best cars in 40 different classes. (We had 240 vehicles enter the show, so 40 categories is not as excessive as it sounds. Or, maybe it is.)

The vehicle that won Best in Show got quite the cheer, as lots of people agreed with my Cool, Man's choice. Drum roll, please!

This '63 Impala was IMMACULATE. The paint is tri-stage with pearl, both the red and the white. The white leather interior is beautiful. The engine compartment is squeaky clean and shiny. Even the undercarriage (judged, too!) is clean. This vehicle was outstanding all 'round, which totally thrills me 'cause '63 Impalas TOTALLY ROCK!!

Next week I'll share some football fun. I experienced a lot of "conditioning camp" this week which included the "bobble head" league, which are 3rd graders. Lol. They wore their helmets, but not the rest of their gear, so the name is very appropriate!!