Friday, September 14, 2012

Faerytale Friday... The Swan Princess

The "original" in this case is actually the animated film from 1994, The Swan Princess. It was based off of the ballet, Swan Lake... which might have been born from the old, old tale of The White Duck. "Duck" does not have the same ring to it as "Swan", so this has been a good progression, in my opinion.

The key element in all three is Enduring Love that survives an evil witch.

Ladyhawke PosterReading the stories, I am reminded of one of my favorite old movies, Lady Hawke. Besides having some really awesome horses in it, there are two lovers who can't be together because in the day time, she is a hawk, while at night, he is a wolf... until the curse is broken. Please tell me someone is remaking this movie SOON!!  It's beautiful.

Swan, duck, hawk...

Love faces impossible odds, and yet perseveres. *sigh*

Note: This is not The Wild Swans where a princess rescues her eleven brothers from a wicked witch queen who turned them into swans written by Hans Christian Anderson.

I'm collecting the most mystical, romantic, haunting pictures I can find for this fine Faerytale Friday. I'm following Amber @ Down the Rabbit Hole and you're invited to join in, too!!  Hunt down some pictures and see if they aren't different than either of ours!

You can click on the picture to see where I found it. Many of these are original creations on DeviantArt. Yay for artists!!  I'm in awe of your abilities!!  (And I got stranded in DeviantArt while writing this post. Lol)

1. A Warrior at heart
swan princess

2. Caught in Enchantment

3. Home, the Lake

4. Always a Princess
Swan Princess.
Fun Guerilla has an entire string of ethereal Swan Princess pix!!

5. Always a Swan

6. Dreaming

7. Shadow Lives

8. New Friendships

9. Wisps of Memories

10. Heartbroken

11. Princess Above and Below

Which do you like best?

My fav is #9 - I love the colors, the longing, the swans. I'll upload these on my Pinterest board: Imagination Come to Life. Let me know if you follow me, so I can follow you back!