Friday, September 21, 2012

Faerytale Friday - Tarzan!

Tarzan of the Apes. I am so dissolutioned!!  Where did I come up with my dreamy vision of the jungle? I have been obsessed with the jungle and Tarzan and Mowgli since... a very, very early age! Where did that come from?!  'Cause I'm tellin' you now... it's not from the pictures I'm finding!!!!

For 1) These pix are all about how muscle-y Tarzan is, how huge and how muscle-y. He's bigger than human. Which... maybe shouldn't be a complaint, but I'm attempting to post pictures that won't get my husband all worked up over my opinions. Then again... the wimpy actors posing in ancient scenes aren't doin' it for me, either.

2) There are more pictures of him rippin' the head off apes rather than hangin' out with 'em. Which makes him, what? Worse than an animal. Opposite of my opinion of him being the KING of all the wild animals. More like FEAR of the jungle, or something.

3) Tarzan's woman is.... wussy with luscious curves. UGH. "Oh, help me! Help me! I'm in the jungle!"  Paleeeeeeze. This woman took on the KING of the jungle!!!  And WON!  Ha!

I must have dreamt up my version out of my (apparently vivid) imagination. I'll share a snippet of this and that ... but I'm sharing MY VERSION of Tarzan, which is TOTALLY AWESOME!!!  And not this animalistic, overly re-done, "authorized" and "not authorized" thing.

I mean... 25 sequels?!  Yea... the original has 25 sequels. No exaggeration. Wikipedia said it. Multiple TV shows and movies... MULTIPLE. This looks like a beaten idea. But there is hope. Maybe we needed a woman to rewrite the story. :-D

Jane by Robin Maxwell

I'm following Amber @ Down the Rabbit Hole. Hop over to see her Fairy Tale in Photos post of Tarzan!! Totally unique from mine!

1 - Growing up with the apes. "Family"
tarzan hero cartoon wallpaper

2 - At home with the wild animals.
Mowgli and Hathi

3 - Jungle Beauty
Hoh rain forest

4. Completely African
African Rain forest.

5. You could get lost out there
african rain forest

6. He knew every hidden corner
Taï National Park, Côte d'Ivoire - One of few remaining sections of the West African tropical forest, the park features a rich flora, including eleven species of monkeys.

7. He understood a different set of rules
Only three species of elephant living today: the African bush elephant, the African forest elephant and the Asian elephant (also known as the Indian elephant). All other species are extinct.

8. He knew what they were thinking.
Deep in the forest of the African Congo lives an animal most people have never heard of.     It looks like a chimpanzee, but is smaller and leaner. And like the chimpanzee, it shares almost 99 percent of our DNA.    But these rare creatures of the rainforest are actually bonobos, a completely different species of primate. And while they are the last ape to have been discovered, bonobos may be the first to become extinct.

9. He proved his valor

10. Um... sure.

11. Lord of the jungle... with knife & muscles.

11. Mrs Tarzan's first introduction

12. She soon won his heart

13. Because Jane, too, was fearless.
Jane: Queen of the Jungle

14. And adapted to the wild.
Jane, Queen of the jungle.

Obviously there's something wonderful about the story of Tarzan. It's captivated lots of imaginations. Do you have a favorite version? Which picture best captures Tarzan for you?

I like #5 & #13 best. She's standing so nonchalantly facing down that tiger. That's cool. And the jungle is so beautiful... I could dream about it all day!

(Pinterestistas weren't sure if #13 is in the Amazon jungle or in Africa. And one of these pix is titled "Mowgli". :-)  That's me doing whatever I feel like for my post. Let me know if you're on Pinterest! I'll follow you!!  As always... click the pictures to follow them to their source.)