Sunday, September 23, 2012

It's Monday! Books, Sports and Bloggiesta - Ole!

Oregon!I've had a blast this weekend. We joke in Oregon about having one week of summer 'cause it rains so often. But when it's nice.... it's soooooo beautiful!!  I actually got sunburned watching all the sports Saturday. Lemme repeat that... sunburned in Oregon in September!!  *gasp* I know!!  

It hurts. Not like... well, nevermind. It's worth showin' off a little color. (I could pass for a vampire in the winter, I think.)

Thx, Sheila for hosting It's Monday, What Are You Reading? Keeping track of my life based on my fictional "life" is very sensible. This is where my brain is half the time, anyway...

Blood Promise (Vampire Acad...I finished Blood Promise last Friday and jumped right into Eon... I'm technically "late" gettin' started on it. I want to review it this week with Calico Reaction's Theme Park post. These two delicious books have over 500 pages. While going to two soccer games and one football game and related practices. And stuff. (I might have written that sentence with a small whine of explanation for those readers who are slammin' thru 500 pages a day. I'm jealous of you, but I'm neglecting as much as I can already. So there.)

My life is not all peaches, though. No. I forgot my phone last Saturday after giving my husband Google directions to Cam's soccer game location. He was there, alrighty, but he couldn't find the team. There's not that many of 'em... and there's no "15 min early" instructions... but after scoping the place out for 1/2 an hour, he finally headed my way.

I was "play tracking" for the football game. (I have a "fair bone" so it makes sense to count how many plays each player gets 'til they reach at least 10 each. I'm already counting as I watch, anyway. As a "volunteer", I get to bug the coaches. :-D  Oh yea!)  My husband left messages on my phone... but I didn't have it.

Hypothetically, I could've contacted the coach and hooked up the players (& the team snacks) with the game. Only, I'm not even that organized. After this weekend, however, I'll be getting phone numbers in my phone and maybe hot-gluing the thing (phone) in my hair for the weekend, or something.

NO WONDER my brain is in books!!  Right?  Gotta stay sane one way or another!

Eon: Dragoneye Reborn (Eon, #1)Oh... and I'm LOVING Eon!!  Wow! I love the way everything is so new to Eon that I don't have to know what's going on... 'cause there's some old-school oriental political stuff going on! Eon is so quick, too. She's catching on and going with the flow almost perfectly. Almost. The stuff she misses, though... make me want to bite my nails.

Next I'll read The Sweetest Dark before it expires on NetGalley so I can get back to the Vampire Academy series. I'm still writing my review for Frostbite. Seems like I keep getting interrupted as soon as I'm deep in thought. Lol. It's a side-effect of getting so much stuff done, I guess!

PS - See my new header? I was fiddlin' around and got rather obsessed 'til I finished it. I meant to wait 'til this week and Bloggiesta, but, um...

Yea, so. I hid lots of cool fall pix all over, too. That's not very "simple" but I love pix. They all link to Pinterest. Let me know if my blog opens up too slowly!!  Yikes!

And I totally NEED the cute buttons that link to Twitter and Facebook and everything all in one place. Can I finally get one of those thingames?!  I am having trouble wrapping my head around how to do that. (Any volunteers?)