Monday, September 10, 2012

Loaded Monday

Mondays are best taken with a spoonful of sugar.

Two days ago I was sitting in a cozy reading nook listening to the waves break along the Long Beach peninsula, brushing sand off the pages of my current read. *sigh*

I don't regret leaving the beach. No. All those scenes in the Twilight books where the vampires can come out 'cause there's no actual sunshine anywhere? Well... I was nearly as north as Forks and nary some sunshine did I see.

The Host (The Host, #1)Maybe the reminder came from starting Host by the same author. I was reading about the Arizonan desert, though... and feeling dehydrated. Did NOT feel dehydrated waiting in the Sunday brunch line at the End of the World Rod Run. Nope. Hydration poured down on us steadily.

Funny thing is, since we were all residents of the NorthWest, there wasn't one umbrella in that long brunch line. Not one umbrella protecting hot dog buns or smoked salmon. Isn't that interesting? I certainly hadn't brought one. Are you kidding me? I'm a native.

This is a great week. Despite having to begin with a Monday. 

There's lots of fun things going on with Book Blogger Appreciation week - or, there should be. If I get a chance, I'll hunt 'em down and maybe find time to celebrate the fun bloggers I regularly follow.

Other fun things I'm excited about this week:
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I know there's more... always MORE!!  I have lots of GREAT posts to post this week myself, some sports games comin' up, a trip to the dentist (or four). Umpteen books to give away. September is a lot of fun so far. What else is going on?