Sunday, October 14, 2012

It's Monday... and Halloween's a-Comin'!

Oh... I've been at Wordstock all day today. (Sunday, not Monday. It's confusing.) I want to holler out it's awesomeness and make all y'all drool over all the fun author chats and interviews I saw today. Yea!!!

Only... I missed so many things, I was pathetic. Despite planning ahead. I did see Kimberly Derting, which was totally awesome, but when I tried to get in the Authors as Bloggers interview, I got shut out. "Room Full" the sign on the door said and red shirted volunteers enforced it.

After that, I was ready to elbow my way to the front of any line... but the great interview with an author panel of unknown awesomeness that discussed How To End a Story was the same thing...  I was shut out with thirty other people.


It made me feel rather ill. There I was... didn't anyone recognize my NEED to get into these things?  Happily for me, Trinity was with me, so she made a book and colored pictures and painted with glitter that got all over both of us. Wandering WITH glitter is much better than wandering withOUT.  I participated in the 9-Minute-Story thing... I waited in a long line to get a prompt and write up a unique story in 9 minutes. (I'll let you know if I win anything. *snort*)

That was fun.

White Angel WingsI wish I'd been able to run around and meet all the authors, and I did meet one - the author of Devine Intervention. Martha Brokenbrough is a hoot. And very nice. She gave us all goofy Life Savers rewrapped as Soul Savers and delivered by a relative wearing angel wings. Back at the signing table, she gave Trinity her wings. For real. Trinity wants to be an angel for Halloween, now.

I got some swag to give away.  :-)

Are you thinking about what you're going to be for Halloween?  It's coming up fast!!  I have a couple options I'm considering...

{This Girl Reads}1 - Mom
2 - Mom in apron
3 - Mom in raincoat
4 - Girl Reading Book

It's a really tough choice. I'd go with #4 except I think I'll be walking with Trick-or-Treaters pilfering chocolate, so I'll probably settle for #3.

If I get some blogging time, I'd like to participate with This Girl Reads' Halloween fun. She's got a whole week of fun posts planned that would be fun to participate with. 

So, hey... It's Monday!!  (or close enough.) What are you reading?!  Thx to Sheila for hosting the great question!

I read -n- reviewed The Pledge last week, which was very fun. I have a time limit on The Lost Prince from Edelweiss, so I dove in and I'm thoroughly enjoying Kagawa's amazing writing. This will be a fun review.

The Lost Prince (The Iron Fey: Call of the Forgotten, #1)
It's comin' out October 23rd. Yeppers... October is here and Halloween is on the way!!  What are you doing? Reading?