Monday, October 8, 2012

Monday in October

Croydon, Pennsylvania, USA  A colorful dream (by kuddlyteddybear2004)
I love October!!!

*sigh* We picked up a pumpkin yesterday "just for decoration". Trinity wrote "Happy Halloween" and "Miss Jr." on it - our pumpkin's name is Miss Jr. 'Cause it's just little.

In my house, we go for a romp at one of the farms to pick our carving pumpkins. Mom (that's me) gets to do most of the slimy work of de-seeding 'em, but everyone gets to design their own. It's a fun mess.

Keeps us parents hoppin' with little people (and teenagers) wielding knives. Knives are all fun-n-games in fiction, but place a pumpkin in front of a kid and a knife in his hand and it gets really exciting really fast.

Gotta love October.

It's Monday! What Are You Reading? is hosted by Sheila @ Book Journey.

The Pledge (The Pledge, #1)I finished Sierra yesterday. I'll post review SOON! I'm starting The Pledge next. It's the only book I own by any of the authors coming to Wordstock (that I recognize so far) next weekend.

Anyone else comin' to Wordstock?


Then I can grumble a bit about how Oregon is stuck in the '70's?  Cool.

I can't wait to read Spiritbound & Eona... I'm sitting on the edge of my seat gripping 'til my knuckles are white to get into 'em. I may complain about attending all these soccer and football practices, but I'm getting a lot of reading done. Cause to celebrate!

We're getting back into the rhythm of school and homework and regular reading assignments. This is kind of fun:

Dash is reading... I don't know what he's reading. One of Rick Riordon's books, I think. I'll get back to you on that. *ahem* He's also reading The Hobbit - chapter by chapter with his class at school. How cool is that?! 

Catching Fire (The Hunger G...Bear is reading... Catching Fire. Which... how fun!

Cam is reading The Adventures of Hugo Cabret. Also fun!!The Invention of Hugo Cabret

Trinity is reading outloud to me like she just discovered how awesome it is:

The Completed Hickory Dicko...The Completed Hickory Dickory Dock by Jim Aylesworth.

All my kids have loved this book. It's quite well-worn. But Trinity is crackin' me up 'cause all the silly words in it make her giggle. And that makes me giggle. I don't know when I've ever enjoyed reading a book over and over as much as this one.

PLUS - I like the way it helps her. The made-up words rhyme with real words making her feel successful with big, complicated-lookin' words. While helping her have fun and want to read it again. Seriously... what a great book!!

I like all the books my kids are reading.

The HobbitWhen was the last time you read The Hobbit?  Do you remember?  I was in high school. And that, my friends... well, I'm not even admitting how long ago that was. At least a year or two.  I'm so seriously overdue a Hobbit rereading.

Whatya say?  Wanna read The Hobbit with me?!

I'm gonna take it nice & slow & chat about it along the way. Like a Read-a-long. It's so perfect for October, if I remember right. I'll give you a couple days to find your copy... or download a new one. It's time for a medieval hike, I do think!!