Friday, October 12, 2012

Social Icons continued...

Okidoki... I published my icons. All my subscribers are rejoicing.

3 - Get some software to text edit.

This could be the step I've been missing in my html life.  I Googled Notepad  and downloaded the one that says: "download this one if you don't know what you're doing."  It's like they saw me coming. Ha!

The lizard on their site makes me feel like it won't harm my computer. It's a very innocent lookin' lizard.

Now I have a window with lots of html-lookin' stuff I don't know what to do with.


Next step.

4 - Parajunkee is goin' all technical on me and using big html words.

I figured out how to open a new file on my Notepad. I consider this a success.  Now I'm going to cut-n-paste PJ's schmanzy lines over to my NP page. (Wish me luck!)

Ok... first get my image.


I copied some of these pix straight over from PJ's site instead of saving them on my computer first. I thought I could skip that step, but obviously... my cheating is in the html. (See why I don't like html?!)

This is my RSS picture html code.

Then she's got me stickin' this in front of it:

<img src=

and adding QUOTES around my RSS picture html code. She kindly says why... something about conversing with a browser. (Did not know we wanted to do that.)

She also has me puttin' this at the end for some space: style="margin-right: 2px;" >

Altogether my first line on NP looks like this:

<img src=""style="margin-right: 2px;" >

And I'm feeling really good about myself. That's me speakin' html, baby!

Ok... NEXT!

Now I need the URL for the RSS picture. I use Feedburner (I think) so my URL is this (I think):

and we add the cool href thing. I just like to say href... HREF!!

<a href=

So with my href and appropriate QUOTATION MARKS and the cute CARROT I look like this:

<a href="">

I totally feel like doing an dance. Ha!!

Upon examination... the href things goes above the picture thing and there's a cute: </a> at the end. Got it. Now I look like this:

<a href="">
<img src=""style="margin-right: 2px;" >

When I switch to html on my writing thingame and plug this in properly, I get a little button that goes to lots of ways to follow Colorimetry!!!

Hey... this is fun!!