Friday, November 9, 2012

Of Coffee and Apples... NaNoWriMo and Homework

Pull up a Chair!

Lookie what I found to go with our coffee this morning!!!  It's early# for this much sugar, maybe, but sometimes sacrifices must be made. I, for one, am up to the challenge.

Caramel Apple TrifleIf you want to try this for real... there's an actual recipe I found via Pinterest from Baker's Royale.

I started this post early... and like everything else I've attempted this week, I ran off leaving it uncompleted 'til I found another spare minute.

You know how those weeks are sometimes?

I have this big ol' plans and all the gumption to follow thru, but none of the time to accomplish it. Adding another hour to each day might help, but I really need two extra days in the week. You know?

Clock #clockWe set our clocks back Sunday, so I tried to keep getting up at the same hour, which is how I made some NaNoWriMo progress this week. (6,607 words worth!!)  The trouble is, I can't keep my eyes open by 10:30pm when I start "running"## at 5:00am. Which meant I was falling asleep while chatting with my honey. Which meant... well... you know how awesome it is when someone can't stop yawning while you talk, right? Feels so great. *sarcasm so thick you could pour it on pancakes*

Generic 120x240So, I got more sleep yesterday, but no writing progress.  Unacceptable.  The way I talk about it, you'd think writing was my first priority.###

What's filling my time is HOMEWORK*. The sports things wrapped up. Dash had an undefeated soccer season in his recreational league. Bear advanced one game into the football playoffs. Cam still has one last soccer game this weekend, but I didn't even think of taking him to practice last night... well, 'cause I was at Bear's band concert. We have a couple parties left to attend. That football team, especially, got really tight. They're sad to see the end of the season.

Balancing The Books - Funny Word Play Greeting Card.  Huge collection of Humorous Figure of Speech designs available on shirts, postcards, cards, fridge magnets, fashion pins, stickers, mugs, hats, neck ties and many more gift ideas.
As I was saying... one thing done, another to jump into... being Homework. Teacher's are posting missing assignments online and we have one more week of the trimester to get those in. Turns out our boys are master procrastinators and even better at deflecting attempts to get them on task. I'm seeing some SKILLS, I tell ya. I'd be awed and inspired if I wasn't pulling my hair out.

Besides the awesome beginning band concert last night**, I was also assisting in speech prep, multiplying and dividing mixed fractions, re-learning where apostrophes go***, practicing handwriting & finishing Hugo Cabret.

Mean TeacherI thought the large poster project on a scene from Maximum Ride, School's Out Forever, was complete.^ Just to make sure, I followed my mid-schooler this morning to turn it in and saw first hand how she made him wait five minutes before giving him attention and then turned him away with "Not done". Two words. TWO WORDS. He was waving wildly at me to go away, but I marched right up to that teacher and demanded two minutes of her time to explain herself. Of course, she got all sweet and bend-over-backwardsy with a mom in the room, acting like she's all caring. Too late, @#$%^&, I already saw how you treat my son!

I'm not steaming mad or anything. (A little sugar might help right about now, hey?)

It feels good to vent about that, honestly... publicly. Lol. But now I don't feel like announcing my Big News of the week. It'll have to wait for another post. Actually, I have lots of Big News's.^^ The smallest bit of Big News is that I updated my About tab to include stuff I learned about in PJ's Blogging 101 class yesterday. It's amazing how many things there are to blogging. It's amazing how confidently I barrel forward while missing so many key things. *shrug* If I waited to perfect things before doing them, I'd never get anywhere, right? That's my policy and I'm stickin' to it! Mistakes, here I come!!  There's only so many hours in a day, so we're workin' with what we got!  Hey... ho!!!^^^

#It really was early when I wrote that. Hours and hours ago.

##I don't actually run. *snort*

###Although it's obvious it's not, otherwise more words would've happened!

*I'm making a point. Hang on a sec, I'll get to it.

** :-D

***I love apostrophe's. I tend to add extra for good' measure in odd place's.

^ So much for thinking!

^^Apostrophe addition all mine!

^^^ *cough* This is intended to be shouted at enthusiastic volume. Try it. It's fun!!  "HEY- HO!!" Makes ya feel better, too. Like you're onto some discovery or making real progress. Just don't let yourself know it's an allusion 'cause this is NOT  them moment for a reality check. Which means, I can pretend to have that apple thing for breakfast. Ha!