Friday, November 30, 2012

On the first day - Christmas Books Giveaway Hop

On the First Day of Christmas, Blogger got to hoppin'! Passin' out Christmas books in time to ship them nearly anywhere! Woohoo!

I give you...  the Partridge!!

Pears are delicious. My kids eat them like candy. I don't think partridges climb trees often. I could be wrong.

I have three choices of Christmas books to win...

1 - For the little people - two board books. One touch -n- feel, the other has antlers & bells. You might not have known you needed these before. Well, now you know.

2. For the big kids - a paperback Scholastic delight filled with Christmasy short stories (incl. zombies). It's a great stocking stuffer, for sure, but better yet, read through 'em together as Christmas approaches.

3 - For the dissolutioned. There is meaning to Christmas, somewhere, buried under mountains of wrapping paper. If you're wishing all the commercialism could go jump off a bridge... here is a haven of meaning.

It is also a great gift for that crazy aunt that likes to read amazingly meaningful things at Christmas. Do you have one of those in the family? Everyone needs a crazy aunt.

These interesting giveaway offerings are available to win internationally, although I noticed The Book Depository is already getting squeamish about shipping deadlines. (Did you see that?) These are from my library, not TBD, so you have a much better chance of getting your winnings by Christmas. But I thought I'd mention that, for some reason.

I mean... you think you have all this time, you know? It's only December 1st, for cryin' out loud. And here I find out that I need to start panicking over shipping already. Good grief. I meandered off track, there...

I was saying, this is an international giveaway for people who are 18 or can find a rep that is. Winner will be chosen by Rafflecopter and will have 48 hours, or so, to get back to me. See my other exciting rules, etc, under the About tab. (I updated that a week ago or so, fyi.)

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