Friday, November 23, 2012

Surviving Black Friday

So many deals...

I went out Thursday night. I put the kids to bed, kissed my honey, and tackled the deals. Me -n- Target do not get along... is it me?!  Last year I stood in a meandering line for over an hour at Target. This year... I thought, I'm starting at a different time, it'll be a different line, but just in case, I brought Pride & Prejudice. Sure 'nough, I was meandering through a line that wandered all over the store reading P&P for over an hour. *rolls eyes* All for what?!  I can't say... it's a Christmas secret. I think it was worth it... except...

I started fading and it's only gotten worse. First I lost my speech. I started blabbing nonsense. Then I got a little silly... and then a little daring. Even after sleeping a few hours, the damage is progressively worse. I might not have noticed, but I drove back out into the mayhem for a few more deals with my honey, and he asked me intelligent questions, like Why did you try to run that yellow light? 

I have no clue.  I think that means I should... well... read a book. Lol.

We enjoyed leftover Thanksgiving deliciousness for dinner tonight. I love how Thanksgiving lingers. I don't really like shopping on Black Friday, but I do like getting excited about Christmas. I love finding a few really great deals, too.

I have some fun Cyber-Deal ideas for Colorimetry coming up... some extra giveaways to post in time to give gifts for Christmas. Plus, the Tour for Starflower is coming up fast, too. There are still a few openings on the Tour - if anyone's interested, email me!!

I so want to write something witty and intelligent, but I'm... well... in need of sleep. Lol.

So... do you have any Black Friday stories to share?  Did you bring a book to read in line just in case? Did you have a wonderful Thanksgiving? Are you still enjoying it?  :-)