Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thanks for the Books Hop - I'm glad you asked!

Which faerytale retelling is my all-time favorite you ask?

What a great question!!

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I am a long time fan of author Robin McKinley. I have read many of her books over and over. You know how some authors write like they are following the thoughts in your head? Seriously spooky.

She has written two retellings of Beauty & the Beast, which, of all the faerytales, is my fav. Beauty is flowy and cute. It dances through the story adding everything that simply must be there and satisfying all my impossible expectations. But Rose Daughter... pricks like a thorn and gets dirt under your mental finger nails. *shiver* I love it. LOVE it.

Rose DaughterIf there is any remote chance that someone has not read Rose Daughter, the only solution is to share my well-loved copy. On the very distant, improbably chance that more than one person has not read Rose Daughter, I shall offer my worn copy in a giveaway. International, of course.

I don't think there is any way I can "review" this book properly. As Kali & I were discussing there are some books that you love so much you don't want to know if anyone else disagrees. I will give you one warning: Do not tell me if you don't like this book. We will have a problem. There are too many wonderful books out there to argue over this one... so seriously, zip it.

Do you like Faerytale retellings? 

Do you have a favorite?

International Giveaway. Must be of age to enter with a physical address. This is a used book from my personal bookshelf, read by me. (It smells so very bookishly wonderful!) See all my rules under the About tab above.

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