Sunday, December 2, 2012

Three French Hens

Ooo la la!

I have a weird question this fine nearly-December-3rd. Are you giving anything up this Christmas season?

I ask because... I'm cutting back on cookies. I can't list which ones specifically, or I'll run out and buy the ingredients right now. Lol. I'm tired of gaining weight every Christmas, so I'm picking a few fav's and skippin' the rest.

The question came up in the first place 'cause some good friends finally sold their house and they decided to get a Christmas tree even though they are (frantically) packing. I think I would do the same... 'cause the tree would be a small island of celebration in the midst of the stress. But... if I was in that situation, I probably wouldn't string twinkle lights in everyone's bedroom, like I did this weekend. You know?

Sometimes there's good reason to give something special up - temporarily, at least (or so I tell myself).

Thx, Vale, for more laughs. This is more true than is fair!!