Friday, January 18, 2013

Coffee Break!

Hi All!

Just thought I'd pop my head up and say "hi". I'm organizing. I have my cool apron with some kids' artwork all over it and splattered paint. My hair's tied up in a bun and there's flour flying everywhere unless there's paper scattered about... underfoot, on every surface. It's not really a great time for company, but then again, it's always a great time for a visit.

So... grab a cup of coffee (or something) and pull up a chair.

How's 2013 going for you so far?

I'm wondering why this year thinks it can take off at high speeds so early on. It's like... because it has a "13" in it's name, it thinks it has special privileges, or something. Don't you get the feeling that 2013 has high opinions of itself?  And this is very early for such behavior.

January always yells "taxes" at me, being a small business owner. It's time to decide what exactly happened in 2012, which was a rather mysterious year that still doesn't want to cough up its secrets. But taxes are not nice chatting topics, so excuse me. *cough*gag*burp*

This year, January means Prism Book Tours. I'm trippin' along Evie's Knight Tour, barely keeping track of who's posting now and who's next... WHILE planning A Cast of Stones and Lancaster House. Three tours. This week. I feel behind on my plans for all of them. Also probably not a chatty subject. *sigh*

Well, don't even get me started on Book Reviews. I mean... I still have books I read in 2012 that I haven't posted reviews on, which just makes me ill. It's a wonder I sleep at night. At least I'm only behind on two reviews for 2013 so far. That's pretty good, considering. *crickets*  Now... come on, this is something everyone can confess a little on, right?

Wait! Who said "resolutions"?!  Wha-?!?!  *snort* Wise guy. Go ahead. You brought it up. What are your New Year Resolutions? I'm still pretending I'll get around to 'em some day. I don't have any, yet. That I am aware of. So, speak up so we can all hear... what are yours?!

I'm going to get another cup of coffee... this morning is threatening to turn into afternoon already...