Thursday, January 24, 2013

Read from your TBR? or NEW?! Coffee Chat

Valeria AndreaWe should have a cup of coffee or something, you know, to discuss what to read next. I just un-buried my TBR (While cleaning at conscience, or as my mom likes to say, rearranging the dust) & I realized I've had some books for A YEAR plus some days, as Divergent for instance... & The Name of the Wind

That, or we could go get professional help, whichever comes first. 

Beautiful!!  Yes on the coffee... and YES on discussing what to read next!! (I'll pass on the help.) The Big Question is... to read from our TBR piles? or get a new book? There are some great new releases coming out. *drums fingers* I don't think I can stick to my TBR... which keeps growing while I am not looking. 

PreviewAs for Divergent and The Name of the Wind... have you peaked inside the front cover, yet? Tried to read the first page? I mean... you love epic fantasies and The Name of the Wind is like... the reigning monarch of 'em. And Divergent has to be finished all in one day. What are you waiting for?!?!

For me... I started Eragon to read with Dash. I'm not sure if I should keep pace with him or finish the book. He's still ahead of me, so I have time to figure it out. Plus... I started The Duke's Promise on my Nook 'cause I downloaded it from NetGalley and I really want to finish the series. The first page started on the night of their wedding, of all goosebumpy things. So... I guess I'm working on my TBR at the moment. *sip*

A cup of coffee? I am not sure one is going to be enough. I might need at least a couple. Oh, and since I am Italian (but I keep my blog in two languages because I am crazy enough to do that) I'm going to let you taste some Italian espresso while discussing books. 

My TBR pile is huge... really, help me do something about it. And today I just got The Archived, which I was dying to read. But there are so many good titles I've been leaving behind for months. What's wrong with me? How on earth I still have to read Days of Blood and Starlight? That cannot be possible, right? 

Ohhhh, Divergent! Okay, I'm going to be honest with you... I haven't read it (yet). I know, I know, BAD ME, shame on me and whatever, but it just ended up somewhere on my TBR pile and you know how things goes, right? And I really want to read it but somehow everytime I pick it up another book comes around and... *sights* I haven't read The Name of the Wind but it sounds really interesting! Need to know your opinion on it. 

I've just finished reading Opal and I have a couple of NetGalley titles on my Kindle, but I really think I'll be a bad girl and go straight to The Archived. *grabs cup of coffee and passes some cookies around*

*takes cookies* Thanks, Lucia, are this cookies from Italy? Because they fit with the espresso Deliciously! 

Valeria AndreaOkay, first of ALL; why shall I start this? Clearly that just brought the feeling of being in School ALL OVER AGAIN. (We're not... wha?!) But, since we are talking books I shall say that YES I've peeked in both, The Name of the Wind Divergent. Actually I'm in page 80 or so of The name of the Wind, but I suppose I'm keeping myself from it...(?) I swear I want to read it but as for Divergent, amm... umm... jeje. (For whatever will happen next, don't throw hot coffee at me okay?)

Frankly, I got Divergent because of peer pressure *flinches away* Everyone was reading it!!! & I was all, what? & they were Read. It. So, I though Hmm, that social system serves to some interesting theories about Utopic Societies, maybe I can handle this. So I've just been as far as page 5, I think. 

Great books coming out? *snort* YES THERE ARE. I already pre-ordered 3; Scarlet, Boundless & Unravel Me (& still plan to get Indigo Spell as soon as it comes to me) Those are just Must Reads, & push my TBR even farther away. 
But are worth it. 

You guys think that there are some sort of TBR Rules that bend when Must Reads & other first priorities (as in, personal reading priorities) are involved? 
Has anyone ever thought on the possibility of taking your TBR with you & then hiding on a cave for good?  

**Daaamn**, Opal, that's right! Should I read it RIGHT NOW, even with all the TBR talk on the table, or I wait? 'Cause I've heard of some nefarious end & IDK...  (Yes, read it! Jajaja, Days of Blood and Starlight is so... *sobs* Good.) 

Hmp, we should have got cake for this. & Ice cream. My towering list of books suddenly makes me want to eat ice cream. 

You can say no to ice cream. There is always a reason to eat it. And looks like I am not the only victim of peer pressure when it comes to books! I've got Across the Universe for the very same reason and here another book stranded on my pile. We should do something about it. Mmm, maybe when you decide to start again Divergent let me know and I'll give it a try, too. We can read it together! 

I don't know about TBR Rules. I am sure there must some, I mean, there are rules for everything, but I am a moody reader, I just pick whatever I feel like reading in that moment. And YES I feel like running away with my TBR pile all the time. 

Opal is GOOD. OMG, it's freaking awesome and I LOVED it (mmm, I am getting too excited), but that ending... Oh, the ending will kill you. That ending will make you want to eat all the ice cream in the world. *goes checking to have ice cream* 
 If we are talking coffee, cookies and ice cream I am definitely in for that!  Don't forget the whipped cream and cinnamon on top of the coffee!  My TBR pile is ridiculous!  I keep setting goals for myself, but then I usually want to read something else, so the book I was planning on reading falls back down in the bottom of the pile!  I have read Divergent and Insurgent, and LOVED them!  I'm sorry if you haven't gotten to them yet, but you must, must, must!  

My PhotoBut I know how it goes.  I just started reading the Across the Universe series by Beth Revis, and I feel like I'm the last to read it!  I'm about halfway through A Million Suns right now.  I also have a pile of library books to get through, which are all books I should have read awhile ago!  Speaking of Days of Blood and Starlight, one of my library books is Daughter of Smoke and Bone (I know, I'm a bad girl not to have read it yet!) I haven't read Obsidian yet, but its on my Nook! I just recently read Half Blood and Daimon, and I loved them both! I kind of wanted to finish the Covenant series before I started the Lux series.

New releases will be the death of me this year.  I'm really trying to keep up as much as possible, but its just NOT POSSIBLE!  My book buying budget is already burned out for awhile!  I'm going to have to rely on second hand or the library I guess!  There is no way I could ever get rid of my books before reading them, I would be heartbroken! But a lot of my books are hidden right now! All packed up in boxes, as we are getting ready to move! I still have about 50 books out on the shelves, because I couldn't bear to pack them all away--it may be a month before they all get unpacked, and what if I need one to read?  LOL 50 books may be a bit optimistic!

Thanks for inviting me into your lovely home. Love the drapes by the way. Why yes thank you, I'll take a cup of coffee with cream please. 

TBR mountain or New? I, like every other reader worth her salt, have a TBR list a mile long! The problem is, I totally plan on getting to every one them, but these darn authors just keep writing more and more amazing books. And my sister is calling me every few days gushing about another book she found that "You just GOTTA read". What's a girl to do? 

Another thing I find challenging is juggling my TBR list, new books and review books. It can, get a little chaotic trying to do all three, and I'm not one who can read three books at one time. So, I have stepped back from taking books for review for a while so I can read those books that keep calling my name. 

But to answer your question, (it took me a while to get there, I know) I'm currently reading Hopeless by Colleen Hoover (and loving it!). So, at the moment, I'm reading a new book!

PreviewI'm glad you like my... um... drapes. Yes. Thank you, Lucia, for bringing Italian cookies. Yum!!  Sounds like you have some ice cream plans for our next visit, no? I thought I heard that. I'm sure I did. (The lamps have moose on them. Nice, huh?)

I haven't read Daughter of Smoke and Bone, yet, either, Lucia. And it's sitting on my shelf waiting for me. Not buried, mind you, but right out in front. (But Divergent?  Good grief. Quit listening to "everyone else" and enjoy a good book!! Lol) I love the library. I feel like they collect books just for me to read 'em. I'm happy to comply. :-D  I have not considered hiding in a cave with my TBR... 'til now. That sounds tempting, actually. 'Cause I always... seem to re-arrange things to fit Must Reads.

Are you currently reading a NEW book? or a book from your TBR pile?  I'm saying "TBR pile, although both Eragon & The Duke's Promise only got on my TBR around Christmas time and my pile was very large before then. And since three books are even better than two at a time, I can add The Middle Aisle for the tour, although I just acquired it yesterday. I guess... that's a "new" one. I really can't stop getting new ones. 

To be continued...