Monday, February 4, 2013

Follower Love!! Bookmarks!!!

Bookmarks for Everyone!!!
(Ok, not for everyone, but thank you's all 'round!!!!)

Thank you for following Colorimetry!!!!

To celebrate... I am going to make bookmarks like these for my awesome blog followers. I will draw 10 winners or more as a small token of my HUGE THANK YOU for following my blog!! 

Thank you!!!


If you were going to make me a bookmark, what would it look like? Would you sign it 'cause you so totally rock?!  :-D  That would be great.  

Hey... if you have a blog & I'm not following you, yet, please holler. Well... not literally, 'cause I've got a cold, still, and I'm all stuffed up and chances are, I won't hear ya. Mention it in the comments, and I'll hop over and follow you back.

This is an International Giveaway.

You gotta have an address and it'll help a lot if it's valid. (I mean, unless you wanna give me someone else's address, which would be weird.) I think you gotta be 13 to enter a giveaway legally - all the legal stuff I don't know about applies as well as all my regular giveaway rules under the About tab.

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