Saturday, February 2, 2013

Snapshot - Finding Waterfalls

Sometimes I really love this part of Oregon. These little waterfalls are hidden everywhere, heading to the Columbia River, no doubt. I was searching for an address and didn't want to pull out the GPS 'cause I knew I was close... and then the town ended, the road started winding and when I could pull over to turn around, this is where I found myself... at this little oasis near everywhere and nowhere. No name posted. Nothing fancy or special about it. Just... just a piece of standard Oregon landscape at any-ol' turnaround on a winding road.

I took this shot with my phone quickly... before anyone would drive by and catch me gawking at such standard scenery. Ha. I love how beauty is tucked in hidden corners. I love how life doesn't need to stop and notice. These places just exist. I left feeling refreshed and energized, like I had a secret oasis inside me that no one needed to recognize. It was just my own, beautiful.

Thx Alyce @ At Home with Books for hosting Saturday Snapshot where I take advantage of sharing personal life-n-pix.