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Asylum by Jenny E Miller - Release & Giveaway with Interview!

Welcome... Asylum!  
Released TODAY!!

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by Jenny E Miller

After being found guilty of first-degree murder, sixteen-year-old June Foster is sentenced to life at Washington Pines Sanitarium.

June remains convinced that she was right to kill a man she knew was evil, but as time goes on in the asylum, she begins to question everything she knows. Or thought she knew.

As the events leading up to her incarceration are recounted, she begins to understand that the web she finds herself in is far bigger and stickier than she ever imagined. The warden of the facility, both violent and vindictive, is intent on making June’s life a living hell.   

June’s previous boyfriend, beautiful turquoise-eyed Frank, is the only one she can trust. Or is he?

Caught in the middle of child experimentation with untested drugs, arson, and murders, June Foster is reduced to two options—accept the fact that she has gone crazy, or hatch an escape plan from the asylum to get her life back.

Set in America during the 1950s, Asylum is a book you will not be able to put down. The author pulls you along relentlessly in a page-turning thriller that leaves you wanting more with each sentence—to a mind-blowing and unexpected conclusion you will not believe.

IMG_5200Jenny E Miller 

I live in Seattle with my husband, our two little hooligans (ages 2 and 4), and one dog who thinks he’s a cat. When I’m not writing I’m hanging out with my kids, dancing to Lady Gaga, and whipping up the latest recipe from Bon Appetit. Currently I’m working on the sequel to ASYLUM. (More)

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  What inspired you to write Asylum?

The story actually came to me in a dream several years ago. It was in a different form then: a girl committed to an asylum who only converses with her boyfriend, Frank. It was supposed to be unclear whether Frank was real or in her imagination, to keep the reader questioning her sanity. Now it’s a totally different story, but it all spawned from that one dream.

  Do you have a favorite scene?

My favorite is definitely where we first meet Clem. She’s spunky and innocent and becomes like June’s little sister. In that scene they have this banter going about the pills they take in the asylum, and it was really fun to write. Clem is my favorite character, and it killed me to end the book with her in the position she was in (without giving anything away!).

  Share something personal!!  Favorite writing spot? Fav snack? What are you reading now?

Hmmm. Something personal…I started a food blog four years ago to keep up my writing skills— It’s now become more of a food/humor blog, and I write stories about all the gross/funny/humiliating things my little girls are up to. If you want to hear some embarrassing stories about me, it’s all there!

I love to write in bed in the morning (if my husband has graciously taken the girls out for breakfast), snuggled up with my puppy and a cup of coffee. I write best in the morning.

Snack? Healthy: apples. We have great apples in Seattle. Un-healthy: sharp cheddar and Milton’s crackers, or Theo milk chocolate!

At the moment I’m reading Delirium by Lauren Oliver. I’ve become fascinated with dystopian worlds—I think something along that line is what I want to write after the Asylum trilogy is finished. 


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