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Kick Butt Characters - Wave Runners!!

Watch out!! Two awesome books comin' at ya!!

With an unstoppable brother-sister team!!

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Peter Anthony Kelley visited Colorimetry with his first book, Paraglide. I got a kick out of the interview, crackin' up over the comments of weird food. It is with great pleasure that I welcome him back for a visit... and another super-fun interview. He brings books, too! Enter to win below!

Wave Runners (Jim and Erica Winters Adventure #2)Wave Runners
by Peter Anthony Kelley

Sun … Sand… and Pirates? Another vacation, another adventure for Jim Winters and his younger sister, Erica. Winning a spot in a prestigious competition is the ticket to Jim’s future, the chance to follow his dream and do what he loves. The Caribbean cruise that’s part of the prize is an unexpected bonus for him and his family. So when modern-day pirates take over the ship, Jim resists the urge to fight back. After all, he’s there to compete, not save the world. That's his father's job, not his. But the pirates won't leave him alone, and Erica keeps turning up clues about the pirates' identity. And when Jim’s girlfriend gets caught in the crossfire, he has to do something. A daring venture into the pirates’ lair risks the siblings’ lives, reveals a startling plot, and forces Jim to rethink his life-long dream. In the end Jim and Erica just can’t help making waves.

*What kind of research did you do for Wave Runners? More traveling?

Wave Runners takes place on a Caribbean cruise, so I had to risk sunburn and seasickness and head off on one of the giant ships myself. It was backbreaking labor, but I plowed through the buffet lines and karaoke shows to learn everything I could. In the book, the characters are involved in an onboard cooking contest, so I toured the ship's massive kitchens. It's amazing to see how they feed three thousand people three (and sometimes four) meals a day.

Lol. Sounds like pure torture. I'm so glad you survived!

* Any interesting new characters?
As usual, the villains are the most interesting. There's a tyrannical master chef, an overbearing security officer, and a modern-day pirate. All of them hold secrets and delight in making life unbearable for the main characters.
Why am I not surprise about "master chef"?!

* Since you shared about a funny experience eating different food, I have to ask... have you tried any strange dishes lately?!
Mofongo! No, it's not what a voodoo witch doctor says before he puts you in a trance. It's a national dish of Puerto Rico and consists of mashed and fried plantains (think oversized green banana) stuffed with vegetables, chicken or beef and doused a spicy garlic sauce. There are dozens, possibly hundreds of variations. Mofongo is apparently based on an African dish called Fufu which I believe was also the name of the lost fifth teletubbie.

:-) I wouldn't know... since it was lost. Mofongo sounds delicious, actually... maybe... the only weird thing I've tried lately was donuts from Voodoo Donuts - yea... you reminded me. They had Cap'n Crunch on 'em.

Meet the Author:
Peter Anthony KelleyAs a kid, Peter Anthony Kelley loved climbing trees, staring off into the distance and dreaming of distant lands. Nothing much has changed, he still stares off into the distance. Only now, instead of perching on tree limbs,  he sits at a table and captures those dreams on his computer.
He currently lives in Minneapolis with his wife, two daughters and a cranky nineteen-year old cat named Brownie. He graduated from American University with a Master’s degree in International Relations. When he’s not writing he loves travel, biking and watching soccer. He also makes a mean spaghetti bolognese.
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