Saturday, March 2, 2013

Meeting Richelle Mead Snapshot

Here's my latest awesome new arrivals...

The best part about going to a book signing is seeing all the other people there. I brought one of my favoritest people in all the world... lil' Miss Trin. She has not read Richelle Mead's books, yet, be we assured her in person that she'll get to 'em some day.

Here we are waiting for the famed author to arrive:

The best (and only) seat we could find was on the floor, which we would have chosen, anyway, tucked down a side aisle in the Travel Section. We were ecstatic about seeing Richelle as we listened to her read from Indigo Spell. She chose a passage with Adrian and Sydney, of course. It was so fun to hear her inflections.

There wasn't really a line, per say... it was more a free-for-all after all the seated early arrivals went. Anyone who had bought Indigo Spell at the store rec'd a blue wrist band, so they got to shove to the front first. That was pretty much all of us. (Thank you, honey-do for buying me the awesome book!!)

Fortunately I have skills in this department. I found some enthusiastic first-timers and followed closely as they fought their way to the front.

We then relaxed over tea and had a long conversation about The Fiery Heart coming out on November 19th. Apparently things really heat up between Adrian and Sydney in the next book.

(Note: I did not get this book... it's new cover news.)

Just Kidding... there wasn't time for tea. And, Ok, she shared the book news with everyone. But we did relax for about 30 seconds.

I got a lot of stuff. I forgot to get the bookmarks... I don't even remember what they looked like. But Richelle gave Trinity a "St. V" pin with a tiny VA engraved on the back. Yep! She's an official student at St. Vladamir's now! I'm so proud!!  (That's it there above the signature in Bloodlines.)

It is possible that I should have stayed 'til the crowds cleared out to see if I could have gotten extras for Colorimetry readers. And I would have, too, if... naw... That crowd looked like it'd keep Richelle up 'til closing and then some. I left with the ambulance carrying out someone who fainted from... something. Crowds? I can joke a little 'cause she was smiling and waving as they carried her off. It was a very happy book signing.

Thx Alyce @ At Home With Books for hosting Saturday Snapshot!  You have stumbled onto my personal photo album, lucky you!!  Today is book-related, at least.