Sunday, April 21, 2013

What Every Woman Should Know by Jori Sams - Tour Interview

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What Every Woman Should Know
by Jori Sams

This book offers a lot of hope and inspiration for women battling to know what God was thinking when He made man and woman. Are they really created equal? Is the church today in divine and biblical order?

Unpack some of the most controversial passages in the Bible. Take a journey through history to see the effects of society on the role of women over the ages. The discoveries may astound you and set you free.

Please welcome Jori Sams and a refreshing interview!!

* What inspired you to write this book about women in particular?

For many years I have been discouraged by the discrimination in the church against women. I had a difficult time just accepting what was being taught regarding some of the tough passages in the Scriptures regarding women and social roles. The questions and dissatisfaction buried deep within me began to burn and demand answers.
The result was a long journey of research and prayer. Each answer produced more questions and in the end, I traveled all the way back to the beginning to see what God was thinking when He created man and woman. I feel so free now and have great peace and a heart of thanksgiving from all my discoveries. I will never be the same. There is no going back.
* How did you research women around the world?

It wasn’t easy, as I spent most of my time writing and researching from a small village tucked away in the mountains in the South of Spain without access to any libraries, let alone books in the English language. Thank goodness for Amazon, Google Books and the internet! Here I was able to gather and sort through uncountable numbers of articles, books, reports and news to find all of the information. I have also lived in five different countries and traveled to more than fifty. I bring many observations with me.
* Share something personal!!  What is one of your favorite memories from your travels?

I am actually writing a book of travel memoirs, I have so many wonderful memories. I have done a fair bit of traveling alone, as well. The first time, I was on my way to Alaska. I was apprehensive, nervous, and a bit edgy. “Am I just chasing the wind?” I asked myself as the plane prepared for departure. “Is this just a wanderlust I have? Am I full of discontent?” As we lifted off and I meditated, staring through the clouds, feeling one step closer to heaven, I prayed, “Oh! Lord! Just let me know if I am doing the right thing! I do not go and leave you, I take you with me…”
When lunch was served and the stewardess passed me my food tray, the first thing I saw was a little business card size piece of paper with a Psalm written on it. It was beautiful. I had perfect peace instantly. And over the course of the next few days, I witnessed God’s hand in His perfectly placed divine appointments each day.

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