Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Armchair BEA - Better Blogging!

Paths to Becoming a Better Blogger--Discussing Development

I can't believe I've been blogging over a year and a half. Part of me still feels like a Newbie:

 * Every time I get a package of books in the mail
 * Every approved early preview
 * Finding and following fav authors
 * Meeting awesome book lovers!

The other half of me feels OLD.

 * Opening my email to 150 emails every day
 * Realizing I haven't posted today. Yet. Again.
 * Accepting that if I read every book in my current TBR pile, I'll be reading for over a year... and in another few months, I'll have another year's worth added to my pile... so I'm going backwards, not catching up.
 * Finding a book I had agreed to review 6 mo ago. Having to decide whether I should pretend that I didn't find it? or admit it, email the author, and post about it?

Monetary Development

Finding money book blogging is like chasing the elusive rainbow. Lol. I made money on the Google Ad one month - the month I asked people to click on it, which is bad Google Ad manners. I have made almost $2 tweeting... and $10 on Amazon over a year and a half. I don't give up easily, though. I'll find something. Lol.

The Blog Tours pay some - not compared to the hours I put into them, but at least there's some actual moolah and I can afford to buy a few books again. Oh, that cracks me up. Of course I would want to buy books if I had a few extra bucks!

(The Tours are a blast. If you haven't, you should try posting with me. It's really fun!)


Finding a writing character is a process and very rewarding. I sort of let my creativity fly by emailing my sister almost daily for a few years. :-D  Practice for blogging!!  (Um... hence the excessive exclamation points. No rules in emails!!!!) I had a comfortable place to try things out, so I'm a little

I have learned:

 * Sarcasm is hard to communicate in writing.
 * I'm never sarcastic.
 * If in doubt, BE NICE!
 * Don't bring up Religion or Politics.
 * Age does not define a brain. Or a blogger.

What's next?

My book!  :-D  And more writing, no doubt. I can hardly stop writing now. Like a great (crazy) author Anna Banks told me... and I'll pass on to all y'all bloggers:
 If you keep going, it's gotta be your passion. And if it's your passion, you can't EVER give up on it. So you're stuck, my dear.