Saturday, May 18, 2013

Snapshot - How Does Your Garden Grow?

It's a miracle!

On Pinterest I have a board titled "Secret Garden". The secret to my garden is that I have one this year and I usually don't attempt it. I actually have seedlings sprouting. I can hardly contain my excitement:

I decided the trick to managing an acre of plantable land is to throw too many seeds in one pot. Not logical, I know, but look!! It's working!!!

My first roses, etc, are out, too..... LOVE!!

Remember that rose "tree" that I over-pruned last year? I let it sprawl where it will this year... and I have an ABUNDANCE of these blushing yellow beauties. I should take a picture for you, huh?  Alrighty... it's raining, but we don't mind. We're Oregonians (the roses and I).

You may thank Alyce @ At Home with Books for hosting Saturday Snapshot and encouraging me to share pictures I take despite lacking photo-taking skills. Or blame me for my pathetic gardening attempts and baring the bumblings online. Lol.