Thursday, June 13, 2013



It's super-intrusive sometimes, ain't it? Like I wish I had Bella's ability to protect everyone around me with a bubble of protection against smoky too-much-busy-ness. That's a pretty cool super power. I could use it right now.

It is good blogging manners to pre-warn about lack-of-blogging. I know that. But sometimes there isn't time to hop online and say "I don't have time to hop online right now." Then what?

I had some cool stuff scheduled up 'til last week, right? Yea. Fun giveaways.

I've been writing some fun reviews. And have a lil' stack of fun interview-giveaways to post. If I get a second of free time.

*wipes tears from laughing so hard and climbs up off the floor*

That's funny. Free time. Pfffftt

So, hey... I hereby announce that I will blog post the cool stuff begging to go on Colorimetry when I have a chance.

There's some fun tours & stuff coming up... Dragonwitch, King, Shudder, Emergence & some hot-off-the-press stuff. I'll post about 'em when I can. Sign up to be a "promoter" on Prism to make sure to get an email when I get the sign-up forms ready.

That's all for now. Did you catch the announcement? That was me mentioning that I will only post a few times a week during June.

Oh, wait... before I go. I started reading Chameleon by Kelly Oram - have you read anything by her? OMG... she's my newest rave. I cannot put this book down. I'm bringing my Nook with me to run errands in case there's a long stoplight. Lol. For starters... she likes exclamation points. And breaks some rules, like, uses slang, and stuff. It makes the story feel like it's exploding INSIDE my head, as if I thought of it all by myself, only she thought of it a minute ahead of me and wrote it down just like I thought of it.


Chameleon comes out on June 25th