Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Cool, Man's Garage - Go Cart: Part I

I've been thinking of adding a feature of all the stuff that goes on in Cool, Man's Garage. There's always a project, always something new... neverending inspiration!

Go Cart

Prep. '31 Ford T-Bucket style go cart. We picked it up in rough shape. The paint is faded and peeling, but the motor runs great. We couldn't test-drive it 'cause the frame had to be welded together. We removed this piece to fix the frame and we're getting it ready to paint:

The boys helped sand it down... then Cool, Man applied short hair fiberglass to repair cracks and holes... and then the entire thing was sanded down again to be primed for paint.

Immediately before spraying primer on the body, they wipe it down to remove all fingerprints, dirt, oil... anything that will stop the primer from sticking.

We've enjoyed discussing what the front grill should look like, whether we should use the tin cans that came on it for the headlights, what colors we should paint it. This is a really fun stage full of questions. Most questions are answered by budget. Lol. But it's worth asking around to see if anyone has dream-parts lying around.

You'll never believe what we've come up with just by asking!  *rubs hands gleefully*