Monday, July 15, 2013

Summertime Fun - Cruise-in Style!

Sharing a bit of my summer...

Last year we helped out a lot with the annual Abundant Life Cruise-In at our church. Well... this year we... uh... (I have so many adverbs I want to put in here and keep mentally rejecting them) stepped up to coordinate it. (Yes, all of it.)

The best part... is WE. My honey and I. Working together. *cough* I mean, volunteering together. Ha!

The closer we get to August 3rd, the fuller my brain fills up with things that need to be done. Sometimes it feels like it short-circuits... or how I imagine it would feel if I had wires in my brain and they were sparking against each other so that I couldn't think of another thing. Not even how to eat.

Dinner last night was the spontaneous result of loving pizza and finding old rolls that could be used for crusts. I mixed the sauce in the can (yes, opened a can of tomato sauce and threw some spices in it and called it "pizza sauce" and even "dipping sauce"). We threw some cheese on that and baked it in the oven. Wala! The meal was a huge hit. I graciously accepted everyone's enthusiastic thanks as if I'd planned it ahead of time.

Hey... right now I can use a few moments of "you did it right, mom!"

This picture (above) is my Cruise-In notebook. I took the picture while stopped at a light, picking up donations for the raffle.

And... that's the end of my lil' break. Time's up! At least I didn't share my to-do list. That would've been really... not-interesting. Lol.

What are you doing this summer?