Thursday, August 15, 2013

Car Show Part I

It's been a week since we hosted the Abundant Life Cruise-In, so I can almost talk about it. Lol. It takes forever to plan a big event, you know? And then forever to wind down from it. I'm either talking about it non-stop... or I don't want to hear another word. Nothing sane in between.

Yes, I'll complain a lot. Phfffft  Comes with the territory of *me*.  I had a BLAST and I enjoyed meeting and working with so many great people. It seemed like all the cool car wives dropped in to say "hi" to me after they'd registered their hot vehicles, which made me feel all warm and fuzzy. :-D  So many great people.

No wonder I need to recover curled in a tiny ball in a quiet, dark room with my Nook!! Lol. I'm so not a extrovert.  Enough of me...

I still gotta download most of the pictures (of course) but here is the registration the night before... you can almost sense the quiet-before-the-storm:

If you could read those beautiful signs, you would see all the different classes to register in. Each table had a matching dash board to go on the vehicle... and then each registrant rec'd a ballot of a different color to vote for a different class.

Oh yes... no registrant got to vote for cars in the class they registered in. :-D  That's called... Trying to be Fair. So many car clubs come together and vote for each other at these things and everyone gets rather grumpy when so many friends win the trophies.

Oh yes... we had trophies!!!  Cast aluminum mounted on beautiful wood with the class and award and sponsor engraved below.  This is something we made for one of the former director's of the Cruise-In. A momento - the award casting and wood with the Dash Plaque below:

If you show your car at a lot of car shows... you want to collect these little tin plate dash plaques. We all make them every year to pass out to all the registrants. It's a collector's item, I suppose.

After the show we lined up our lil' go-cart next to this cool ride. :-D  That was fun. We took it for a spin, too:

It runs great!

To be continued....