Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Classic Pic o' the Day

Here's your Classic Pic o' the Day.

Everyone can use a little gorgeous metal art in their life... add a rumbling motor and we have a swoon-worthy combination. We have seen so many beautiful vehicles between the Abundant Life Cruise-In we coordinated and all the car shows we attend... they must be shared!!

Slowly... to enjoy them.  :-D

First up, the truck that won the Dyno competition for greatest RPM at the End of the World Rod Run this past weekend:

The exhaust comes out the side of the bed. Great modification. Nice close up on the rivets, too, which are painted on. Isn't that a cool graphic? The paint's peeling off!

Up on the Dyno machine!!

How much horse-power did this truck have?  565

:-D  It sounded awesome, too... they revved the motor up 3x to get the numbers and you could hear it from the far end of the show, over two football fields big. You could probably hear it where you are... now you know what that rumbling roar was last Saturday!