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Legend Unleashed by Latimer Ridley - Giveaway and Interview! #TackleTBR

by Latimer Ripley

When an infamous criminal is unleashed from his prison, it has consequences for everyone in Carwick. Temperance Levinthal in particular…
Temperance is satisfied with her ordinary life. Dealing with her eccentric, childlike parents is all the excitement she needs. That changes when Alastair Byron returns home.
After a failed matchmaking attempt by her father, sparks fly between her and Alastair-just not the good kind.
They are forced together though, when they are implicated in a grisly murder. Their search for the truth leads them to a secret world beneath Carwick, filled with werewolves, wizards and other magical faey.
However, uncovering the truth is far more dangerous than they’d ever imagined.
There are secrets within secrets.
Even Alastair may be more than he seems…

Latimer (Karen) and Ridley (Rachel) are two eccentric best friends with far too many obsessions and a frightening addiction to tea. When they aren't reading stories filled with magic, passion and adventure, they're writing them. A writing duo for the last nine years, they've always dreamed of sharing their imaginary worlds and quirky characters with others.

While they live in Ireland, they would love to spend their lives travelling the world. But for now, they can be found happily wandering the internet.

For a much much longer biography:

Please welcome Karen & Rachel to Colorimetry!

What inspired you to write Legend Unleashed?

We’ve been writing for many years together and we’re always coming across things we want to write about or explore.  A lot of our stories come out of ‘what if’ scenarios, or ‘wouldn’t it be great’ and then we wander or steam roll on from there! We always wanted to write about werewolves, for many years it was a favourite fantasy creature of ours, Ridley’s in particular! We had the plot for Legend Unleashed written for quite a number of years though as we worked through our writing ‘to do’ list. Legend Unleashed is actually the fifth book that we’ve written, the other four are part of a separate fantasy series that will need quite a bit of editing before it’s seen by anyone else!

How does it work to write together?

It’s quite easy. Well I suppose we would think that after nine years of writing together and settling into a routine. We come up with a plot and character names and generally most of the book together. This has to be one of the most fun processes of the whole thing, we end up laughing and joking and drinking buckets of tea through most of it but somehow the work always gets done and we end up with, if not a full, but most of the plot by the time we’re finished. Though sometimes, ‘by the time we’re finished’ can often be over a few days or a full weekend. Then the plot gets divided out into chapter summaries. Usually we each get two chapters at a time-the book hopscotches between us-one of us writes her chapter stint, the other critiques it, we decide on any changes that may be needed and then once we’re both happy with those two chapters, the book is passed over to whichever one of us is next and then this is repeated until it’s written. The way we write means that we both get a chance to be partial readers of our novels, which is a rare gift for an author!

Do you have a favorite scene?

Ridley: I love our naked werewolf scene. My inner fangirl jumped up and down, squee-ing, when we decided to write it. That is what we do though, we write books that we’d love to read ourselves, we try really hard to give those squee-,and swoon-worthy moments to anyone who reads anything by us.

Latimer: I really love the first time we go to Temperance’s home and meet her mother and father as they are preparing for their winter solstice party; I just love those two characters so much, they make me smile

Lol. What fun answers!!

Share something personal! Pets? Hobbies? Quirks?

Ridley: We both love art, you can see some of our stuff here at deviantart, I also play the guitar, badly, and try to learn different languages, also badly.

I love animals. I’ve three hyper dogs, two little ones (the twins) and a big ‘un. One of the little terriers is so dopey he could easily replace one of the seven dwarfs, but he’s a loveable little fella, I just wish he’d learn the different between patio door open and patio door close but with see through glass. :) I also have a cat. I really wanted to call her Cleopatra or Crookshanks (Latimer: I wanted Ridley to call her Dobby!), but everyone at home vetoed my suggestions, so I named her Pigeon because she’s grey and because I was told you ‘can’t name a cat after a bird’…oh no? :D  She didn’t mind. She’s basically the Queen of the dogs, they protect her from other cats that try and fight her. She runs down the wall towards our garden with enemy cat chasing her-deliberately leading them into a trap. Pigeon jumps down straight into the middle of three dogs; enemy cat applies some serious brakes, hisses and stares on in horror as three dogs rear up and start barking at her, all the while Pigeon sits beside them with a smug expression. An evil genius really.

In terms of quirks, now are we talking the major-keep it quiet so people don’t stare at you- type quirks or just the small endearing ones where people pat you on the head and call you cute? I have both! :D  I’m a chocolate and ice cream addict, both of which can’t be left alone in the same room as me, unless you want them to disappear. I also love stationary, it’s become a fetish at this point, I just collect beautiful notebooks and stare at them. It would be a thing of horror to me if you, you know, used them as they were meant to be used, and wrote in them (as a child I used to love buying new A4 pads and pens for school).

Latimer: I love drawing, reading and writing. I get obsessed about random things all the time; and I go off and learn as much as I can about them and as a result end up with all this random information about lots of unrelated stuff. Current obsession – comics (All New X-men is so good!) and buying art material (paper mostly) I may never use!

I love science but on the other side of it, I also love the fantastical! I’m a pretty big fan of history and I love visiting museums; the best museum I’ve been to is York museum in England. :)
A quirk I have, hmm – this might not be a quirk, so much as a magical power (a useless one mind!) – I can flick channels on the TV watch about five seconds of a movie that is already at the mid-way point and tell you what the movie is, even if I haven’t seen it before. See, magic!

I also have a bamboo plant called Herbert and used to have a cactus called ‘Asterix Han Solo’. :)

You guys are too fun!!  I'm so glad you stopped by. I knew I'd want to chat. Now I must read your book!!!  KEEP WRITING!!!

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