Saturday, September 7, 2013

Snapshot: Morning Rose

I looked out my kitchen window this morning and check this out:

The Morning Rose!!  That's what I'm calling it.  It's the way the late summer sun catches the end of my patio. Everything is in shadow except this glorious spotlight of sunshine. It might happen earlier in summer and I'm just not awake for it. Lol.

When we first moved to this house I woke up to watch the dew fall in that sunlight. Because of the shadow/sunlight contrast, I could see the drops of dew rising from the ground and falling again, like silver glitter.

I was telling someone about that and they asked me to show them... which left me speechless. (Like, I literally opened my mouth to tell them when and where and realized I had no idea!) So ever since, I've been watching the spot, waiting to see dew again. It's been... ugh... years. I didn't see dew. *sigh*  If I do, I'll be sure to get a pic, if I can. But I did see the right aligning of light & shadow to make it possible. Finally.

Has that ever happened to you? 

Like... some ordinary view looks suddenly vibrant and alive... like there was a veil hiding the reality of it and it was suddenly removed for just a tiny moment?

That happened to me one other time here. Still no idea how to see it again, but the field next door opened up like that. I could see... literally see... all the tiny bugs and pollen and dust and LIFE floating through the air. Half of me wanted to stuff my head in a pillow case for the rest of my breathing days, the air was so full of LIFE. The other half of me could not look away, I was so filled with awe.

My early morning rose in sunshine doesn't do it justice. (And not b/c my only camera, now, is on my ancient phone, which stinks.) There's no way to capture the idea of a glowing rose in the early morning. I need to add a large dose of damp chill to the photograph.