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Grand Finale - An Incurable Insanity by Simi K Rao

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An Incurable InsanityAn Incurable Insanity
by Simi K Rao
Paperback, eBook, 376 pages
Published October 8, 2013 by Tate Publishing

Her heart fluttered when she heard the sound of the key turn in the lock. She quickly adjusted her maroon silk sari with the yellow border, the one that had caught his eye, and waited eagerly for his footsteps.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven... Yes, exactly seven steps before he stopped, hesitated for a few moments, then removed his shoes one by one and arranged them neatly side by side on the shoe rack.

She smiled. He had been mindful of taking his shoes off every day now... 

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10/20: Launch - Tressa's Wishful Endings

"In Rao's debut novel an arranged marriage sets the stage for an intimate look at the exasperating madness of love....An often intoxicating...will-they-won't-they tale."- KIRKUS REVIEWS

10/21: #Dawat-Recipe Intriguing Reads

No discussion on India would be complete without mentioning its food which is as rich and colorful as its residents. And I am not kidding when I say that travelling from one region to another will not only introduce you to different languages and dialects but also to markedly varied cuisines.

I still have very fond memories of my Grandma’s kitchen where food used to be prepared the way it should be—from scratch. It was labor intensive but also a lot of fun. I know because I used to help.

10/22: #Vivaah-Marriage Ritual The Wonderings of One Person

Exotic wedding_handsHindu marriages are all about customs and rituals. There are several both before and after the wedding ceremony making it a very elaborate affair. But the most important of them all is the Seven Vows or Saath Pheras which occur during the ceremony because they are said to contain the essence of the practice of marriage. Without them a marriage is considered meaningless.

‘Ruhi quietly and blissfully followed Shaan around the sacred flames carefully listening to and reciting the Saath Pheras in her mind.’ – An Incurable Insanity

10/22: #Desi-Indian Culture vvb32 reads

Indians in general are deeply rooted in tradition. Our culture gives us our identity. Most of us (especially those living away from the homeland,) cling to it, even though several aspects especially in these modern times, make no sense at all.

10/24: #Vivaah-Marriage Ritual Giveaway Breaking News for Indonesia

Cherish your wife as a blessing sent to you from heaven; let the kindness of your behavior endear you to her heart.

10/25: #Desi-Indian Culture Christy’s Cozy Corners

"Unclasping the sacred marriage necklace from around her neck, she laid it down carefully on the counter. Then, wiping off the vermilion dot from her forehead, she examined her face again.

She smiled. Finally, she knew who she was. She was Ruhi Sharma, and there was no looking back."
 –  An Incurable Insanity

10/25 - #Desi - Shakti "the Divine Woman" - A Casual Fling with the Keyboard

She is bold and liberated. She speaks her mind. She is tough and vibrant. She knows what she wants and doesn’t compromise on her values.

10/26: #Dawat-Recipe Book Babe


“Huh? Yes please with just a pinch of sugar. Thanks!” He took the cup from her hands, careful not to touch her fingers. - An Incurable Insanity

A cup of this refreshing brew served piping hot, awakens the senses and drives the blues away.

10/27: #Dawat-Recipe Brooke Blogs

Kheer"It was the best pudding he’d ever tasted…for obvious reasons." ~ An Incurable Insanity

After all the spicy heat of chai and parathas, let’s cool the tempers with something sweet and delish!

10/28: #Dawat-Recipe Living a Goddess Life

"Standing in front of the large bathroom mirror, she combed her long thick hair. Should I leave it loose or braid it? Should I put on makeup or go bare? Should I wear all my bangles or just a couple of them? So many questions! Why don’t all men come with a user guide?"

10/29: #Desi-Indian Culture Sun Mountain Reviews

She had gone through all the miscellaneous ceremonies associated with the typical grand Indian wedding—the engagement, the Mehendi, the Sangeet, the Haldi, and the grand finale; her father had spared no expense… - An Incurable Insanity

Wedding Henna
Mehendi (Henna) is derived from the ancient Sanskrit word Mendika. The tradition of applying it is several thousands of years old and is perhaps the most traditional form of body art. It is meant to ‘awaken the inner light’.
10/30: #Vivaah-Marriage Ritual Mel’s Shelves

The bombshell had dropped on their wedding night. He had walked into the room late as she sat there, a shy bride in all her wedding finery waiting, nervous yet excited at the same time, to meet the man she had hardly spoken to or looked at. What would he say, talk about, or do?
She had heard a lot of stories about what to expect, some factual and some fabricated (her friends had prepared her well), but she wanted her own to be special, unique, and it was…
 – An Incurable Insanity
10/31: #Desi-Indian Culture Shannon McDermott

“Go ahead, Shaan,” Bee said softly, giving him permission.

He pinched a small amount of the red powder and placed it firmly in the parting on her forehead. Not entirely certain why, but this makeshift ceremony appeared more meaningful to him than the one on his wedding day.
“Perfect! Now my mishti bon looks like a bride, a very beautiful bride.”

11/1: #Dawat -  Beck Valley Books

Paratha [par-AA- THA] Hindi पराठा is one of the most popular types of unleavened flat breads in Punjabi North Indian Cuisine and Pakistan.

Prepared from pan frying whole wheat dough which usually has ghee (clarified butter) or cooking oil in it, parathas are often stuffed with vegetables such as mashed boiled potatoes or aloo, cauliflower (gobhi), radish (mooli), other vegetables and or paneer (fresh Indian cheese).

Parathas, particularly the stuffed ones, are simply eaten with pickles, chutneys and or yogurt on the side and make for a wholesome meal at any time of the day.

In my book ‘An Incurable Insanity’ my protagonist Ruhi, when she first arrives in America, longs for home, the feel of her mother’s pallu (sari’s edge) and for the taste of fresh homemade parathas and piping hot chai. 

11/1 - #Dawat - "Bashful Bride" - A Casual Fling with the Keyboard

She sits on the rose strewn bed
A bashful bride
In all her jeweled splendor
Hennaed hands resting on drawn up knees
Innocent and uninitiated
Awaiting the approach of her beloved

the shy bride

11/3 – 11/5: Grand Finale - Giveaway runs through 11/11
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Simi K. RaoSimi K. Rao was born in India and has been living in the United States for several years. The inspiration for An Incurable Insanity came from what she has seen transpire among and within the immigrant community. Some of the experiences included are her own; some have been garnered from friends and casual conversations with acquaintances...


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