Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Latest and an Invitation to post on Colorimetry!

Times are changing! Since I started working full-time, I haven't had much time to post on Colorimetry. So... drum roll please... my distraction can be YOUR whipped cream -n- cherry!  :-D

I'm looking for book readers interested in sharing on Colorimetry with me!  

Book reviewers - if you don't have a blog, *sweeping bow* mi casa es tu casa!  If you do have a blog, *sweeping bow* please allow me to promote it!

Guest posters - are you writing great content? are you hoping you are writing great content but you're not sure?  I'll be taking submissions and the more creative and... uh... sarcastic, the better!

If you want  to know more, you can email me directly or sign right up!  At the very least, we'll get to email more and I'd love that!