Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Dear Kali... The Dark Tower, really?!

Sharing a private email 'cause, I don't know, maybe there's other fans out there? Help!!

Why... oh, WHY do you like The Dark Tower?! And did you know you liked the series starting with the first book?! And when, WHEN did you like it?!

This book is DISTURBING!! It's so dang vivid and real and gritty... I can feel the wind, but... the details included and all the ones left to the imagination are so... disturbing. Really dark with no solid footing for who's good or why or who to cheer on or.... like, hold on to your seat tightly - or yourself - and don't look away, but you won't be able to forget what you see and you might not like it!

You must tell me (again?) WHY you love this book/series and WHEN - book 4? (Do I remember you mentioned 4?) Which makes me ask... is it necessary to get to 4 via 1-3?!

I had to jump on Goodreads this morning to see what you got me into. Yes, I know I'm a grown person and can make my own reading choices, but you've recommended these forever and so I started accumulating them where I could find them... and I never would have read them otherwise, so yeah, you're taking some blame.

The writing is absolutely exquisite. Who ever puts those words together in that order?! I guess Stephen King does. Reading them is rather like Blissful Torture.

I'm quite disturbed.