Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Circus of Me by SM Bjarnson - a Guest Post! Reviewers wanted!!

Please welcome SM Bjarnson to Colorimetry!!  Interested in reviewing The Circus in Me?  Leave your email in the comments or contact SM Bjarnson personally. 

The Back Story
The Circus in Me

Hello! To you book blog readers. My name is S.M. Bjarnson. I am currently a two-time self-published author, my first novella being The Tangled Tears and my 2nd most recent is The Circus in Me. Here to talk about the wonderful journey in bringing The Circus in Me from imagination to reality in words. Pathway in writing the scenery of this story came both as exciting and troublesome. Dealing with difficulties on my own turf, confronting the type of character I wanted Trae Lae (Tracey Aliza) to become.

Every rendition of a story I feel is a secret part of the storyteller’s life. They may purposely expose of this condition, or do so by a subconscious manner. You could say my first book, The Tangled Tears, is an interpretation of the adolescent trials I subjected myself too. Minus, the loss of a love one and a dogmatic father figure. Despite the configuration of said tones, The Circus in Me, openly shares with the reader that which myself struggled to comprehend and accept, growing up in a strict religious society.

We all go through phases of questioning our ideas, pushing boundaries, exploring the outside barrier of beliefs. Everyone has it, that sense of enticement for the unknown. Every character clashing with the schedules of our guardians. As a young adult your main task or purpose is to disobey is it not? There I was standing on the sidelines of what to believe as aliens passed overhead. Were they figments of imagination I hoped to believe in or was it truth no one spilled to me about? Either or, the choice had to be made by my own calling of choice Rebellion, not being a disease, but a life source for those constricted from freedom.

So there you are standing at the edge of adventure, peering out amongst the freefall of imaginary landscapes. There aren’t dirt roads, just fields of green. Sprint toward the crimson horizon there is infinite magic waiting to be used as your oxygen supply. What is there to be said about opportunities that should be taken but are dismissed? I have told myself entirely that you will concoct your own world, your own dreams developing true because you justly decide they should be born inside your reality. Here is another one, STOP wondering WHAT IF? Or you shall never know what comes after what if. To struggle with yourself is human nature. To quarrel with one’s imagination now that is merely immature bantering.

Release your tide down whims. Accept the world around you as it is. Forget the improper impurities souring the playing fields. Remember oh remember! With every tiny drop of impractical sparkle there is a star waiting to be discovered.
-S.M. Bjarnson

S.M.’s origin of script commenced at the earliest of eons.

Growing copious ambitions to be a novelist.

Exploring choice roads in making this goal complete.

Once deliberating self-publishing the best option, the first edition of The Tangled Tears a novella published in 2013.  The Circus in Me, new to the collection of young adult fiction came into print April of 2014. Proclaimed to a livelihood of a dream catcher. Imaginative power fueling her creative projects; more Young Adult novels in route.

Clean of ink stains and paper cuts, she dabbles in scrap-booking & wood crafts, also enjoys cooking. S.M. lives in Idaho with her husband and son.

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