Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Jennifer Lynn Armentrout's Lux Series. Five Reviews in One Post.

Do you remember the first time you saw Daemon?  Hm?

I do. I was surfin' the web and saw this blogger totally FAN-GIRLING over this creepy-creepy alien - ALIEN - and I was, like, WHA-?  Oh... *^&# no!  I subsequently avoided all things alien and JLA.


I don't say that as a recommendation. If you see a BLOGGER fan-girlin' over something... well, that'd be one of us flippin' out which is, like, really cool. This series even has a blogger in it. Which, of course, I thought of some reason to dis. (Sometimes I battle negativity pointing a finger at me. Got a problem with that?!  *snort*  Me, too. I stink. Oh... that's me doing it again.)

Obsidian (Lux, #1)My point is... I picked up Obsidian 'cause it was on sale recently. Or free.

I got sucked in to the story while laughing all the while in my head. And sometimes out loud. Kind of like this...

Oh, that wasn't cliche...

Of COURSE the alien is mega-hot. And can't keep his shirt on. *rolls eyes*

Naturally, they're in high school.

Why wouldn't he be dangerous, huh?

Yeppers... and he'd have to fall for her for no other reason than... he just does.

The part that sort of caught my attention was when I ran into a few typos.  Normally a typo means not-much-editing, right? Which you'd think would make me feel justified in my sniveling. It had the opposite affect. I literally did the head-tilt thing the Luxen do and thought...

Are you telling me this stuff came straight out of JLA's head?!  You're kidding me!!

And then I started to fall in love. I resisted, but... dang.  This story is a flippin' fun ride no matter how you dis it. The parents are absent, the neighbors are HOT, the romantic tension is at a 15 on a scale of 1-10... I can feel the different characters no matter how many come and go in the story, they're all vibrant and solid, like you could punch 'em in the arm.

Of course, I downloaded the next book on my phone imediatemente.
Onyx (Lux, #2)
Ok... what was Onyx about?

*taps fingers*

This is the part of the story where I did not obsess about how much I did not like the cover. (Sorry. It looks like Creepy Again to me.)  (Plus... that is not the Daemon who resided in my head these last few weeks. Again, sorry.) (Mine is waaayyyy hotter.) (Sorry, dude.) (Not saying you're not hot, but... you're just... well... and that girl doesn't look like she has muscles and when I'm Katy, I have more muscles.)

As I was saying, I quit being so PICKY and when that voice wanted to sneer about something other I just *shrugged* and told myself to GO-FOR-IT. Meaning, jump in the story. If Katy feels that way, I can see how she would. Even if I had my suspicions about "normal guy" early on, I thought, Hey... maybe he pulls off normal better than he looks like he does. When he wasn't normal and he got all... you know, hybrid-y (that was in this book, right? Last book? Then I was furious at what's-his-butt in this one.)  I went with it. I quit dippin' my toes in, you now and just jumped all the way in and got soaking wet with the story. (Figuratively... not whatever twisted romantic thing you could be thinking right now. This is a YA book. Pretty much. With lots of awesome romance.)

I love Daemon's terms of endearment... Kitten?!  Lol. Yeah, I wish my name was Katy now. I had no idea that name had so much potential! I'm not sure where Onyx ended and the next one began...

Opal (Lux, #3)Opal really builds... like hums with SOMETHING.

I loved this book best so far. There's just a hint of so much MORE coming, more story, bigger plot, louder danger... just more POP!

The first book seemed so simple by comparison. Which gets all kinds of warm snugglies from me. Plus... there's nothing like giving in to a sweet romance and just knowing, KNOWING that it wouldn't stay that easy.

I had to peak ahead at reviews and saw a cliff-hanger was coming. The first two books make you HAVE to keep reading, but this one had the feeling of being a doozy even a ways off.

The only way to take on a cliff hanger of that magnitude is to read faster and just take a flying leap off the end.  I had to chuckle at the nod to coming cliffhangers - I can't believe JLA threw that in there!  and then I flew... right into downloading...

Origin (Lux, #4)
Origin. *sigh*

Now the cover is starting to match the story in my head. Ominous, cocky-as-heck, Daemon with a purpose.

The beauty of this story is... the bad guys step into the light. And they're horrible. They're powerful, too, and bad-bad-bad. I love how Daemon doesn't fuss... he just gets busy. This is the story that sold me on Daemon's awesomeness.

Katy? She doesn't give in and try to be "bad", which I also love. She's strong in resisting the evil authorities. Those bad guys?  Soooooooooooo bad. Evil. Twisted. Heartless. I can't help LOVING to hate them. Hate-hate-hate-hate them.  It was refreshing to hate them so much. Ha.  It's refreshing to feel so strongly. We don't go back to any of the previous relationship levels, we just keep going deeper and I LOVE IT.

It took me awhile to realize that A) This wasn't the last book in the series and B) the last book just came out which is C) probably why Obsidian was on sale and D) I totally fell for the awesome marketing plan.


I do love marketing.  Haven't really fallen for any marketing scheme so ignorantly before. Not sure how I feel about that.

Opposition (Lux, #5)Opposition was practically perfect.

The threat is soooo real and deadly and unstoppable. For some reason, I really get a kick out of that. I love that there is real danger, real death, real consequences to big explosions and stuff.  I was frightened for every breathing being that I'd come to love... even when I felt hopeless about sis.

The story is so fast moving, I forget everyone's names. Not them, their personalities and what they do, but what to call 'em? Yeah...

Pathetic, I know.

I was absolutely delighted to descend into the depths of more danger. I think I chewed all my fingernails off, but it was awesome.

The lord of the underworld? *snort* He was perfectly horrible and... funny? Who'd've guessed. Like another Armentrout solute to "bad guys" who require disgusting favors.

The moment the unlikely allies leave for groceries for "only an hour". Lol. That was ominous right from the mention of a time limit. What could possibly happen within any given space of time around these people? Lol.

I thoroughly enjoyed all of Opposition and by extension, the entire series. *shrug*  Nothing was shoved under a carpet and yet Armentrout didn't destroy everyone just because it could've happened. I felt justified and relieved and satisfied at the end. Thank you for wrapping up the series, Jennifer, so completely. It was kind and thoughtful and completely exhilarating.