Wednesday, October 15, 2014

It was Serendipitous by Alexis Moutinho #Reviewers #NewRelease

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It Was Serendipitous
Serendipitious (adjective) occurring or discovered by chance in a happy or beneficial way
by Alexis Moutinho

Published October 1, 2014

When Melissa Jones discovers that her perfect boyfriend is not so perfect, she is tempted to spend more time with the new boy in town, but she resists the temptation for as long as she can. Melissa has been with her charming boyfriend, Thomas, for two years. To seventeen year old Melissa, her boyfriend is perfect. However, so is her little brother’s new babysitter. Melissa’s loyalty is tested as the babysitter tries to charm her. At the same time, Thomas’s trust in her is tested when he becomes jealous of the new boy. Things start to become complicated when Thomas meets the new boy’s sister and even more complicated when Melissa’s mom falls for the new boy’s father. Melissa learns a lot about herself throughout the book as she tries to take control of her chaotic life.


Melissa whipped around and found herself staring into two green eyes. Alex’s tan glowed, even in the dim light. He stared into Melissa’s eyes before giving her a half smile.
“Come sit with me,” he said.
Melissa’s heart throbbed, “I have a…”
“Boyfriend. I know. I won’t try anything.”

Alexis Moutinho
I am seventeen years old and this is my first book. Yes, that is me on the cover. I felt that every person, girl, boy, teen, adult, or whoever goes through times that seem impossible. “It was Serendipitous” was written to show these struggles and show that these hardships must end and that there is good in every situation. But this is getting too deep. The book is written to make the reader feel the emotions with the character, it’s a very fun book. It shows the fun side of summer as a teen while your only cares are your tan and your boyfriend. Each character has a different personality that will make the reader love or hate them.

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