Sunday, May 24, 2015

4 Stars: The Shattered Court by MJ Scott

The Shattered Court (The Four Arts, #1)

The Shattered Court
by MJ Scott
Paperback, 313 pages
Published April 28th 2015 by Roc
My copy from the library was NEW and smelled just like the most amazing book EVER.

My Review:

I really enjoyed this book... basically waffling between 5 stars and 3 stars.

The 5 star stuff:  Unpredictability. The story line is fresh and new and unexpected. For example I thought for sure the main conflict would be relational between the guy and girl. You know, a romantic thing. And there was plenty of choices for the author to take advantage of with all the dynamic characters. But no... there are no short cuts and the action keeps coming fast and hard with some really fun, wild choices.

I do love action.  And people who make choices that I would've in their position. Not to mention, near misses with death.  :-D

The 3 star stuff:  "I got it."  Some of the complex details are explained from various points of view and I caught myself wondering where the action went and if it will ever come back. Much of the story takes place at court and all that attending the royal needy person seems exhausting and boring to me. I've enjoyed books with a lot of court drama, but I got to be part of the strategizing... and in this story, the strategizing and action and eye-opening awesomeness happens away from court attendance.

Let's talk about romance.

The insta-love is sooooooo much more instant than anywhere else I've read. I kinda liked the sudden OMG!!! of it all. I especially loved the inner battles from both him-n-her fighting the instant attraction and seeking to know the other person in more detail. I like the idea of Cameron's standard to be faithful forevermore (although he was awfully busy 'til he made the decision.) So... I'm willing to accept this as the first installment of their attraction. I anticipate another level of attraction to grow as they really get to know each other 'cause they really didn't seem to get enough of a chance. Yet.

I liked Sophie plenty. I like her willingness to comply and her respect for parents (yay!) and the royal authority. It added a level of character to her and great conflict for her choices.

This entire story definitely feels like it just barely got started. I am looking forward to the rest of the series quite white-knuckly. I can put up with some repetitive survival stuff to get some of those awesome choices and unpredictable action. It would be a monumental project to wrap up these story lines in only one more volume.  I anticipate a 3+ series at least. Delightfully.

The sex scenes are quite detailed. I don't remember this book for the detailed sex since the two of 'em don't really know each other very well. They (or Cameron) are just very good in the bedroom (or wherever). For adult sex, I thought it was unique.  The story would've been just as good (or BETTER) fading to black.

4 Stars all together.