Friday, September 11, 2015

Review: The Heart of Betrayal by Mary E. Pearson #BookReview

The Heart of Betrayal (The Remnant Chronicles, #2)

The Heart of Betrayal
by Mary E. Pearson

Click on the cover or title to see details about the book at Goodreads. I'm cuttin' my time on this review by skipping good blogging steps.  *sigh*  Sacrifices.

This book totally ROCKS.

The end.

:-D  Well.... to clarify, Pearson writes very intelligently and The Kiss of Deception was actually full of deception... like who exactly is who?  I had to double-check and make sure the author deceived me on purpose and was quite delighted to find out she had. I took this title quite seriously and wondered who all would be betrayed by whom and was I on the list, too?!

Good question.  Thinking of that theme, this book could be used in literary circles, like school, or something. It's so rich with it. Everyone is betraying everyone but... Lia and Rafe are in enemy territory and really know almost nothing about each other, so their budding romance is bound to hit some bumps. Kaden has a heart and he's nudged to life, questioning things he's acted upon in the past. That Venda leader dude? The Komizar?  One of the greatest bad guys EVER.  Oh, he's creepy and much to intelligent and powerful and dynamic and devious... and self-serving.

Which brings me to a short list of stuff I really enjoyed:

Everyone's character is deep, complicated and either develops or is uncovered gradually. This is so purposeful, that it creates tension in the story. What decisions will be arrived at that will change other events in motion?!

The action is zippy. Yay!!  The danger is real (although it is an odd adjustment to start a story in a life-threatening place... took me a bit to wrap my head around that.)

I'm out of time to say more... I have NO CLUE if this book could stand alone. I am not interested in that, actually. This is a series for the bookshelf, though... I reserved a copy at our library, so now I feel a bit lost that I don't own it already. I'll be sure to acquire the entire series... 'cause YEAH I'll be reading the next book. (There'd better be a next 'cause things need to continue a tad.) I'll be reading it the day it releases if I can't get my paws on it earlier.  :-D

5 Stars. A delicious full cup o' stars for this book. READ IT!!!!