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Welcome to the Release Celebration for
Dark Deeds
By Michelle Diener

Dark Deeds is book two in the Class 5 Series. Michelle has a message below and you can come back on Wednesday, January 6th, HERE to learn more about the characters and on Friday, January 8th, HERE to read an excerpt. There's a fabulous Amazon eGift Card giveaway as well. Enjoy!

Journey in a New Direction

In June 2015, I released my first science fiction romance novel, Dark Horse. The story had gripped me for nearly a year and I spent well over eight months working on it. And yet, I really didn't know if it would be a success or not. I'm published in historical fiction and fantasy, and while it wasn't a big leap for my fantasy fans, my historical fans were surely unlikely to be interested in Dark Horse, and yet, I couldn't let the story go.

As it happens, Dark Horse found its own fan base. One I've delighted in interacting with. It has been my most successful book to date, and I get emails daily from readers wanting to know when the next book in the series will be out.

I'm thrilled to be able to say that day is today! Dark Deeds, book two in the Class 5 series. has been released.

To celebrate, I've priced Dark Horse for 99c (down from $4.99) for a week, from 3 January to 9 January, so those who haven't heard about it yet can quickly jump in and get the first book for a bargain before they move on to Dark Deeds.

I've had some wonderful reviews for Dark Horse since it was released. The All About Romance reviewer called it “one of my top reads of 2015”, and Smart Girls Love Science Fiction Romance called it “awesome new Sci Fi from a very talented writer”.

I'm proud of Dark Horse and so happy to have the sequel finished and ready to share with everyone who loved Dark Horse.

— Michelle Diener

Dark Deeds (Class 5, #2)Dark Deeds
(Class 5 #2)
by Michelle Diener
Adult Sci-Fi
Paperback & ebook, 340 Pages
June 4th 2016

Far from home . . . 

Fiona Russell has been snatched from Earth, imprisoned and used as slave labor, but nothing about her abduction makes sense. When she's rescued by the Grih, she realizes there's a much bigger game in play than she could ever have imagined, and she's right in the middle of it.

Far from safe . . . 

Battleship captain Hal Vakeri is chasing down pirates when he stumbles across a woman abducted from Earth. She's the second one the Grih have found in two months, and her presence is potentially explosive in the Grih's ongoing negotiations with their enemies, the Tecran. The Tecran and the Grih are on the cusp of war, and Fiona might just tip the balance.

Far from done . . . 

Fiona has had to bide her time while she's been a prisoner, pretending to be less than she is, but when the chance comes for her to forge her own destiny in this new world she grabs it with both hands. After all, actions speak louder than words.

Dark HorseDark Horse
(Class 5 #1)
by Michelle Diener
Adult Sci-Fi
Paperback & ebook, 381 Pages
June 15th 2015

Some secrets carry the weight of the world.

Rose McKenzie may be far from Earth with no way back, but she's made a powerful ally--a fellow prisoner with whom she's formed a strong bond. Sazo's an artificial intelligence. He's saved her from captivity and torture, but he's also put her in the middle of a conflict, leaving Rose with her loyalties divided.

Captain Dav Jallan doesn't know why he and his crew have stumbled across an almost legendary Class 5 battleship, but he's not going to complain. The only problem is, all its crew are dead, all except for one strange, new alien being.

She calls herself Rose. She seems small and harmless, but less and less about her story is adding up, and Dav has a bad feeling his crew, and maybe even the four planets, are in jeopardy. The Class 5's owners, the Tecran, look set to start a war to get it back and Dav suspects Rose isn't the only alien being who survived what happened on the Class 5. And whatever else is out there is playing its own games.

In this race for the truth, he's going to have to go against his leaders and trust the dark horse.

Image of Michelle Diener

Michelle Diener writes historical fiction, fantasy and science fiction. Having worked in publishing and IT, she’s now very happy crafting new worlds and interesting characters and wondering which part of the world she can travel to next.

Michelle was born in London, grew up in South Africa and currently lives in Australia with her husband and two children.

When she’s not writing, or driving her kids from activity to activity, you can find her blogging at Magical Musings. or online at Twitter, at Google+ and Facebook.

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