Saturday, January 16, 2016

My 4.5 Star Review: Dark Deeds by @MichelleDiener #SciFi

Dark Deeds (Class 5, #2)

Dark Deeds
by Michelle Diener
Content: Adult fade-to-black romance, some violence, tons of action and quick wit.
4.5 for Pace, Action, Characters, Resolution, General Awesomeness

I really enjoyed Dark Horse and Michelle took me right back into that amazing world with tall, stunning non-elves and sci-fi creatures right out of one of Star Wars' Cafes. Earthlings are beautiful to the Grih and Grih are smoking hot to Earthlings. I sincerely hope we are in for a third stand-a-lone because this world totally rocks and these characters are sooooo fun.

Once again a very smart person is plopped down into a very nasty situation and she works her way out by using her brains. I love the thought process... "Are these good guys or bad? They don't look scary, but who knows?" Followed by "Does it really matter? Let's take a chance and see what happens."

My lil' summary happens very near the beginning of this book and sets course that changes Fiona's chances almost scene by scene.  I love the way the author grabs what is decent about human compassion and gives me someone who isn't afraid to use it in weird circumstances. Then there are characters that recognize the intelligence and wisdom and respond to help (or hinder) and the whole thing just snowballs 'til I could not put the book down much to my family's dismay.  (Dinner? Who needs dinner when there's a good story to be read?!)

I did not think that Dark Horse could be improved upon, and although I'm giving this book a 1/2 star less, it's only because I've caught on to the author's genius in this series and I'm waiting with fingers drumming for another one. Dark Deeds gives a little peek at the precarious place this third person may have found herself. There is a good chance another thinking system is involved and what will happen when there is more incredible thinking spaceships that have their own agenda instead of blindly obeying the bad guys, hm?

Also... an awful lot of people - well, not people - die. Explosions and suffocation... a trail of dead follows Fiona and I couldn't quite close my jaw to enjoy all of the story as much as I might've.  I mean, these may be bad guys, but their sentient something-or-other's who may have families and stuff. I mean, I am one of humans who likes the good choices being made, so what about saving some of them?

At least Dark Deeds gets to know another type of those faceless terrorists, giving the story more depth and the fight more worthy.

I'm all in for #3... with talking Macaws and all. Bring it on!!!