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The Howling HeartThe Howling Heart
by April Bostic
Adult Paranormal Romance
Paperback & ebook, 220 pages
August 8th 2013

Paige Donovan is an ambitious college graduate who aspires to reach the top of the corporate ladder. She’s climbing fast when given the promotion of a lifetime at a prestigious fashion magazine in New York City. Her bright future comes to an unexpected halt after news of her father’s death. She inherits his old cabin in the Colorado Rockies, and just when she thinks her luck couldn’t get any worse, she has a car accident in the mountains and awakens in the small, remote community of Black River.

Soon, she’s engulfed in the mystical world of Varulv---wolves descended from 13th century Scandinavia and blessed by Norse gods with the ability to appear human. Paige is desperate to return home, but never expects to fall for her rescuer, Riley Gray, a charming young werewolf from England who offers her an alternate future with his pack.

Now, she must choose between the career she’s always wanted and the love she’s always dreamed.

Meet Riley as told by Paige

Hello Everyone! I’d like to introduce you to Riley Gray, the hero in my paranormal romance novel The Howling Heart, as told by Paige, the heroine and narrator. These are just some fun facts about him which makes him an interesting man---I mean, an interesting werewolf.

* Forget pack law. He’s a rebel!

“All members have to accept and adhere to pack hierarchy. If they don't, my father will force them, and trust me...they don't want to disobey him. I'm the only one bold enough to challenge his authority. You've seen what happens...and I'm his son."

* Suffers from alpha-daddy issues.

"I can't seem to follow his rules. Those are his words...not mine." He sighed, again. "I just like to do my own thing. I don't like him telling me what to do all the time."

"I don't want to be around my father right now." Bitterness laced his words. "He always gets on my arse about not following the rules, but he doesn't like taking orders from anyone, either..."

* He’s dreamy. Well, he is the hero.

The sun gently kissed his skin with a golden tan, and his full lips spread into a charming grin. He had a clean-shaven, square jaw and sharp cheekbones that would make any woman envious. His sandy blonde hair flowed like waves and curled softly on the ends, brushing his ears and collar. A few, untamed strands fell in his eyes, making his hair appear disheveled. There was no doubt in my mind he was handsome.

* An ideal candidate for anger management.

Riley's eyes blazed with a golden fire as he growled at Dominic. His knuckles turned white from the pressure of his grip around Dominic's throat. The wolf inside him lay just beneath the surface, ready to emerge and rip his clothing in front of everyone. No one could mistake Riley for a human when he looked this way.

* Possessive by wolf nature.

Riley's arm shot out, shielding me from Dominic. He growled angrily. "Stay away from her." His tall body moved in front of me to block his nemesis from my view.

* Brave and certainly not afraid of alpha-daddy.

The sheriff's confident stance told me he didn't fear his son...but he didn't come any closer. Riley growled low in his throat. I could feel myself trembling. I didn't want him to fight his father over me.

* Caring and attentive to his mate’s mood.

He picked up a sugar packet and put it on the table. Then, he positioned it upright and flicked it like a mini football. When the packet hit my chest, I burst out laughing. He flashed a smile, and in that single moment, my tension melted away.

Meet the Author:

April Bostic is a New Jersey-based, Adult Romance author who enjoys unleashing her creativity and letting her imagination run wild. Her love of romance books inspired her to become not just a reader, but also a writer. In December 2008, she self-published her first novel, a contemporary romance with a supernatural twist entitled A Rose to the Fallen. 

Her first short story, Right Here, Right Now, released in January 2012, is an erotic romance with a dash of S&M. The following year, she released two more short stories--a romantic urban fantasy inspired by the Greek myth of Eros and Psyche entitled Eros, My Love, and a sexy romantic comedy entitled Love Addiction. 

After five years, she released her second novel, The Howling Heart, a paranormal romance that delves into the mystical world of werewolves and Norse gods. To end her busiest year in publishing, April also released her fourth short story in December 2013, a historical paranormal romance entitled A Dark Scandal.


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