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Launching #Giveaway tour: The Bridal Bouquet by Tara Randel w/ @PrismBookTours @Harlequin #Heartwarming #romance

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Book Tour Launch for
The Bridal Bouquet
By Tara Randel

Come along with us as we get to know more about flower shop owner Kady and undercover DEA agent Dylan as they face someone who threatens Kady's life and the possibility of finding love...

Tour Schedule
June 12th: Launch
June 19th: Grand Finale

Author Interview

What is your motivation behind The Bridal Bouquet?

When I sold my first book in the Harlequin Heartwarming series, it had a bridal theme. Any story with weddings are timeless, so when I submitted additional story ideas for future books I thought, why not base books on the wedding professionals? So many talented people work behind the scenes to make a bride and groom’s special day memorable. Once I started with the idea, my editor named the series The Business of Weddings. So far I’ve focused on an event planner, chef, and in this newest release, The Bridal Bouquet, we get the scoop on the life of a florist. Since flowers are one of the important parts of the wedding, I was excited to dive in and create a compelling story. Little did I know this would turn into a suspense, but I love the way it turned out.

What do you hope readers take with them after they’ve read it?

I love to read and any book that makes me sigh at the end is a keeper. As an author, I want to sweep readers away to a world they can lost in. With The Bridal Bouquet, I wanted to write a story that makes readers laugh, sigh and worry about the welfare of my characters. This book delivers all.

Do you have a favorite scene?

I have to admit. I have a couple, but the scene where Kady and Dylan first meet was fun to write. Here’s a peek:

On her last trip to place the final arrangement, Kady made her way around the far wall, heading to the gift table. Only a few steps from her destination, she was suddenly under siege by a half-dozen playing children. She went into football mode, dodging first to the left, then to the right, spinning to avoid a rushing child as she held on tightly to the container. After evading the possible disaster she grinned, impressed by her running-back skills. Who knew she was so light on her feet? The path clear now, she hurried on, until she stepped on an abandoned toy left behind by one of the kids. Her ankle turned. Unable to steady herself, she thought for sure she was about to tumble. Bracing herself, she securely locked her arms around the crystal container, holding on for dear life. But instead of going down, strong hands gripped her upper arms and straightened her.

Blowing out a relieved breath, she looked over her shoulder, glimpsing the most unusual pair of blue eyes she’d ever seen. Actually, blue wasn’t entirely correct. A hint of silver turned them an unusual shade of metallic gray. The man’s somber expression matched the concern she read there and his very handsome face garnered all her attention.

“Steady there.” His husky voice spoke close to her ear, sending a waterfall of shivers over her skin.

Rattled, she set down the flowers and took a relieved breath before turning to face her rescuer. “Thanks. That could have been a disaster.”

“Then it’s a good thing I happened to be nearby.” A half grin curved his lips.

Kady’s heart thumped in her chest. Talk about good timing. She snuck a peek at him. Yeah, she was going with not spilling the flowers to explain her racing pulse.

I hope readers visit Cypress Pointe to meet new characters, catch up with friends they’ve come to love, or discover the town and all it’s exciting stories. Visit my website for a complete list of the books in The Business of Weddings series.

The Bridal BouquetThe Bridal Bouquet
(The Business of Weddings #3)
Tara Randel
Adult Contemporary Romance
Paperback & ebook, 384 pages
June 1st 2016 by Harlequin Heartwarming

Who will catch a lifetime of love?

Winning the annual wedding bouquet design competition may be the closest Kady Lawrence gets to the altar. She has to come in first or risk losing the shop that’s been in her family for generations. Her main competition is Jasmine Matthews. But it’s Jasmine’s son who’s caught Kady’s attention. 

Kady has no inkling Dylan’s a DEA agent on a case in Cypress Pointe, and Dylan wants to keep it that way…until Kady’s targeted. Determined to keep her safe, Dylan risks a lot more than blowing his cover…he risks losing Kady forever.

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Other Books in the Series

Magnolia BrideMagnolia Bride
(The Business of Weddings #1)
Tara Randel
Adult Contemporary Romance
Paperback & ebook, 209 pages
July 1st 2014 by Harlequin Heartwarming

Married for a day, in love for life 

Nealy Grainger knew that returning to Cypress Pointe meant an inevitable encounter with her teenage crush, and momentary husband, Dane Peterson. She could handle it. She wasn't the wounded girl who'd left Cypress Pointe years ago, heartbroken and furious when Dane had annulled their marriage the day after they'd eloped. 

Now one of L.A.'s most in-demand celebrity event planners, Nealy's only come back for a vacation and to help with her sister's wedding—not for a reunion with her long-lost love. But the more their paths cross, the more the sparks fly! Maybe their connection isn't over just yet….,

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Honeysuckle Bride
Honeysuckle Bride
(The Business of Weddings #2)
Tara Randel
Adult Contemporary Romance
Paperback & ebook, 201 pages
December 1st 2014 by Harlequin Heartwarming

One part happiness. Two parts love.

Relocating to the coast of Florida after becoming guardian of her best friend's twin daughters could be the best move LA celebrity chef Jenna Monroe ever made. This is her chance to create a stable, loving home—something she never had. But can she be the mother the girls need?

Wyatt Hamilton thinks she can. The rugged charter boat captain, who came home to Cypress Pointe still grieving the death of his son, has faith in her. But the feelings he awakens in Jenna both exhilarate and frighten her. Because Wyatt no longer believes in forever… Unless she can convince him otherwise.

Tara Randel is an award-winning, USA TODAY bestselling author of eleven novels. She is currently working on new stories for Harlequin Heartwarming, as well as books in a new series, Amish Inn Mysteries. Her next Heartwarming, part of The Business of Weddings series, will be released in June 2016. Visit Tara at Like her on Facebook at Tara Randel Books.

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