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Launching: PASSION FLOWERS by Molly Charles @JoOtness #Interview w/ @PrismBookTours

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Book Tour Launch for
Passion Flowers
By Molly Charles

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Interview with the Authors

1. What is the motivation behind Passion Flowers? Why did you want to write it?

We love Maui and have both traveled there often. The aloha spirit, fragrant flowers, splashing surf and gentle trade winds are profoundly relaxing. However, it’s the worst possible environment for our heroine, Leigh Taylor Cole, who feels the only way to be safe is to maintain control over herself and her world. We discovered Mark Twain’s prose poem, Breath of Flowers and the line, “In my nostrils still lives the breath of flowers that perished twenty years ago,” really hit home. We started thinking about the powerful connection of fragrance and memory. What if our heroine associated the smell of tropical flowers with a past traumatic incident? Our discovery of the real story began there. 

2. What do you hope readers take with them after they’ve read it?

Most of all we want our readers to be entertained, and maybe put Maui on their vacation bucket list! We’d like them to enjoy the time they spend in Deke and Leigh’s world, and if a deeper message lingers, even better. That family is important, but sometimes we all make wrong-headed assumptions. That it’s never too late to forgive, to change, and grow. 

3. Do either of you have a favorite scene?

Jena – I especially like the first bedroom scene upcountry. And it’s not what you think! Leigh has a disturbing nightmare and Deke comes to her aid, comforting her. When she’s calm, he tries to return to his own room, but she asks him to stay and talk. It’s torture for him because he wants her and wants to protect her, but he’s not much of a talker. He stays, they talk until dawn, and begin to emotionally bond. 

Joanne – For me, a luau scene that comes later in the story is a favorite. It evokes happy memories of family and friends, and the blend of imaginary and real always makes me smile. 

4. Share something about you that is unique - maybe about how/where you write... or favorite snack foods?

Jena – My MacBook is my baby and wherever she travels, I will write. In fact, I’ve done away with a desk. My most productive new writing is done early in the morning at 4 or 5 a.m.; I rewrite or edit anytime. My favorite writing spot is in my study propped against a stack of pillows on a daybed by a large window. I can glance outside at the wide blue sky and towering evergreens and get inspired. SNACK FOOD: Of course writing and food go together. My two favorite snack foods are grilled eggplant, and air popped corn with olive oil and truffle salt.

Joanne – My writing schedule varies, but afternoon works best for me. (I’m definitely asleep at 4 a.m.!) I work in my office—detached from the house which saves me from many distractions—and I favor a per-day page quota. SNACK FOOD: Way more classic with tea and my current favorite, fudge covered pretzels!

— Jena MacPherson and Joanne Otness (AKA Molly Charles)

Passion Flowers
by Molly Charles
Adult Contemporary Romance
Paperback & ebook, 300 pages
August 10th 2016 by The Wild Rose Press, Inc.

Ambitious career woman Leigh Taylor Cole and laid-back islander Deke Kearney have nothing in common—except a sizzling chemistry that turns their lives upside down and makes Leigh question her promise to bring him home to Seattle.

But Deke's going nowhere with the uptight mainlander. Until, that is, kidnappers threaten his son's safety and send the threesome into hiding in a secluded up-island cabin.

Proximity and provocative Maui breezes work their magic, forging a passionate bond between Leigh and Deke and forcing Leigh to face her greatest fear. And eventually to unlock a secret buried so deeply in her past, she's hidden it even from herself.

Molly Charles is the pseudonym of team writers Jena MacPherson and Joanne Otness. Lifelong friends, the award-winning duo grew up in Washington’s wine country.


Jena was a staff editor and travel writer for Sunset Magazine in Seattle. Joanne was an international flight attendant for Pan American Airlines with travel assignments around the world. Both love travel, dogs of all shapes and sizes, gardening, the arts, double-tall Starbucks lattes, and writing Molly Charles books.

They are drawn again and again by the allure of the Hawaiian Islands, especially Maui—the setting for their current novel.

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