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What Kind of Partier are you? POLITICAL PARTIES by @Rachell_Magee #Giveaway #PrizePack w/ @PrismBookTours

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Political Parties
Rachel Magee
Contemporary Sweet Romance
Paperback & ebook, 246 pages
September 25th 2018 by Clean Reads

Planning one amazing party is more complicated than it sounds.

Reece Ryan is known as the best wedding planner in town, but it’s time to take her company to the next level. Getting the contract from a prestigious law firm to plan their upcoming political related events is just the break she needs to prove that she can put together more than just the perfect nuptials. Sure, these events which will receive national coverage might be slightly out of her league, but it’s nothing she can’t handle. Managing the hotshot lawyer the firm has tasked as their liaison for the project is a whole other story.

Griffith Brighton always thought the start of his political career would come from hard work and his brilliant legal mind, not throwing some fancy party. But when the firm’s managing partner asks him to work with the event coordinator to organize a fundraiser dinner for the presidential candidate, he knows it’s the opportunity he’s been waiting for to get in front of some major political players. After years of goal setting and career planning, his future finally seems to be coming together …until two weeks of working with Reece make him reconsider everything he thought to be true about life and falling in love.

Party Planning 101: Quiz – What kind of partier are you?

Everyone loves a good party, but what kind of shindig is your favorite? Take this fun quiz to find out what kind of partier you are!

     1. What is your favorite color?
          a. purple
          b. green
          c. red
          d. blue

     2. What is your favorite food?
          a. I’m a foodie. Give me complex flavors and unique fusions.
          b. I’m into simply delicious. Give me fresh, non-frilly, farm-to-table flavors.
          c. I’m a grazer. I love tapas and small plates for sharing.
          d. I’m a snacker. Give me junk food anytime!

     3. How do you like to socialize?
          a. I prefer one-on-one, deeper conversations.
          b. I love small groups and laid-back conversation.
          c. I like to work a crowd and chat with everyone.
          d. I get energized by loud, crazy settings.

      4. When planning a party, you like to:
          a. Have plenty of uninterrupted time to get things in order.
          b. Some prep is okay, but let’s keep it easy.
          c. Come up with a theme and carry it through out the party.
          d. Show up with a bag of chips.

      5. What is your favorite season?
           a. Winter
           b. Summer
           c. Fall
           d. Spring

So, how’d you do? Count up how many of each letter you answered and let’s find out.

Mostly A: The Dinner Party
    The glam and sophistication of great food around a beautifully set table thrills you. You prefer your parties to be smaller and more intimate, allowing for deeper conversation and relationship building. So pick out your menu and call up your closest friends for a night you and your taste buds won’t forget.

Mostly B: The Backyard Barbeque
     The relaxed vibe of the backyard barbeque is what calls to you. You love hanging out and enjoying lazy conversation while your favorite foods sizzle over the open flames. So fire up the grill, put some drinks in a bucket of ice and gather your friends in the backyard.

Mostly C: The Viewing Party
      Sporting events, award shows, your favorite reality tv series. It doesn’t matter to you. As long as there’s a room full of people and some tasty apps, you’ll watch them all. So turn on the tv, whip up some theme-related finger foods and fill your house with friends and neighbors.

Mostly D: Game Night
       Loud, crazy fun and a little friendly competition energize you. You love playing games, eating salty snacks, and a room full of laughter. So divide up the teams, pull out your favorite munchies and get ready for a night of fun.

What did you come up with? Leave us a comment and let us know what kind of partier you are!


About the Author

Rachel wrote her first novel when she was twelve and entered it into a contest for young author/illustrators. Unfortunately, the judges weren’t impressed with her stick figures. So she dropped the dream of becoming a world famous illustrator and stuck to spinning stories. When she’s not busy working on her latest book, she loves to travel with her family and friends. By far, her favorite destination is the beach, which tends to work its way into most of her stories. Between vacations, you can find her at home in The Woodlands, TX with her wonderful husband, their two adventurous kids and a couple of spirited pets, all of whom share Rachel’s love of the ocean. Well, except the cat and dog. They’re both afraid of water. Find out more about what Rachel has been up to at rachelmageebooks.com.

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